Tenga Egg Review 2024 – Surprise Testing on My Boyfriend

Tenga eggs opened
In this Tenga Eggs review, I will give you a complete rundown of Tenga Eggs, including my boyfriend’s feedback after hours of playing with it.

The Tenga Egg is a single-use, popular disposable masturbator for men. It offers 23 switch-ups of sensation to diversify male masturbation.

Tenga is a Tokyo-based company focusing on male sex toys. Also called the “Apple of the sex toy industry” Tenga aims to give men sexual pleasures that go beyond the vertical up ‘n down dance.

Tenga (典雅) means “righteously arranged and elegant”. It’s a classic Japanese noun used to praise beauty, they chose it to counter the public image of adult sex toys.

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Tenga products avoided eroticism in their design with a “new adult concept”. They received the Red Dot Design Award: Product Design 2017 and 2019. Creating high-quality products, Tenga is where modern art meets male sexual gratification.

Amongst their board of directors is Masanobu Sato (佐藤雅信), Overseas Business Department, a Masturbate-a-thon champion.

He who won world record for the “longest time spent masturbating” in 2009 (9 hours 58 minutes) participating using Tenga masturbators.

Unlike the goodie store of wand vibrators, rabbits, and suction-based clitoral stimulators of a woman’s top draw, until years ago, male sex toys focused on simulating sex with a woman as opposed to broadening and exploring sensation in solo play.

Below is everything you need to know about Tenga Eggs, plus my experience of using it on my man.

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Tenga Eggs Review: What is A Tenga Egg?

Tenga egg clicker

Single-use sex toys, inside their packaging’s white plastic shell, less messy than an actual egg, more like a Kinder, are small, egg-shaped, super-stretchable elastomer stroker sleeves.

One size fits most, with an insertion length of up 7.8 inches erect.

Tenga Eggs Inside
This isn’t a deal-breaker for the especially hung gentleman, as you can feel Tenga Egg’s primary effects around the head of the penis, and aid it with gentle fingertips on the frenulum, or you can use it as an inner sleeve with another male masturbator.

Even for the average-sized man, Tenga Eggs may seem initially small but the high-elasticity polymers expand with a tight but pleasurable fit. I had no problem slipping it on and my partner is on the higher end of average girth though he noted with approvingly raised eyebrows that it was a snug fit.

Like a more fragile, pliable Fleshlight the elastomer stroker inside is designed to encourage new sensations during, and methods of, masturbation.

how do I use Tenga

Along with this condom-esque masturbation sleeve, inside is a mini plastic tube holding instructions and a sachet of lube with the added benefit of being fashioned specifically for use with your Tenga egg.

Tenga egg types

Each graphic design on the outside packaging reflects the egg’s internal structure. Inside the sleeve are unique textures of patterned ridges, craters, and waves to provoke new and varying sensations whilst getting hands-on.

Tenga Egg Texture

For added discretion and storage, the outer plastic wrappings tear easily away from the unbranded, white plastic capsule holding the Tenga egg, opening, and snapping shut with a single twist a la Kinder.

Tenga Eggs Inside

Tenga Eggs Materials

The sleeve itself is Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), which is latex-free. TPE is also free of phthalates, a plastic softening chemical linked to health issues banned from children’s toys in the EU. TPE, more expensive than other rubbers used in male sex toys, is higher-quality and more durable.

Remember when debating that “single-use,” that rubber is porous, can harbor bacteria even after cleaning, and can not be sanitized.

Like other rubber products, Tenga Eggs have been reported by some users to have a faint, clinical smell which, though not entirely unpleasant, is worth noting before purchase.

We used “Wavy”, part of the standard edition easy beat (Tenga have a sense of humor) product line, and neither myself nor my partner noticed any smell from the product.

Tenga Egg Wavy

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How To Use Tenga Eggs?

Tenga egg how to use

Step 1: Remove the wrapping with the graphic design.

Step 2: Twist open the top of the plastic egg capsule.

Step 3: Turn over the contents into your palm.

Step 4: Remove the mini plastic tube.

Step 5: Squeeze the lube from the sachet into the soft pouch entry of the egg-shaped masturbation sleeve.

Using the Tenga Egg, my first initial thoughts were how lovely the inner sleeve was to the touch and, more importantly, how smoothly the sachet of lube tore open. Whoever’s behind sachet condiments could take some design advice from Tenga.

Tenga egg back instructions

Knead the sleeve from the outside to ensure the lubricant coats the sleeve’s inner surfaces. I’m a gentle touch and I massaged the Tenga Egg only very lightly and the report was that it was fully lubricated inside. Once you’re ready to place it on, twist very slightly as you go to spread the lubricant.

Is A Tenga Egg Reusable?

Whilst marketed as “single-use” products, Tenga Eggs, if not too heavily handled, are durable enough to last several solo sessions.

When cleaning, turn the Tenga Egg masturbation sleeve inside out, rinse with warm water, and spritz with a toy cleaner ensuring it dries fully before reuse. The shelflife, in terms of hygiene, of a Tenga Egg can be increased further by using a condom to prevent any worry of insufficient cleaning.

Perhaps with a maximum of 5 uses, repeat users don’t recommend extending the window to more than a week as the material will begin to break down. Ours was warped at the head of the egg-shaped masturbation sleeve from the first use and after the second I threw it out.

Are Tenga Eggs Worth it?

The overall design of Tenga Eggs is unimposing. Unlike some sex toys, an eight-inch vagina on a stick is not winking any tender sex toy novices in the eye. Tenga eggs are not strikingly distinct from condoms which many men are familiar with.

Note: Tenga Eggs are designed to be a source of pleasure and should not be used as a contraceptive device.

The soft-touch of a Tenga Egg means they are discreet and easy to travel with. If your suitcase is opened at customs or wandered upon by your nephew a Tenga Egg is going to draw less judgment than a pocket pussy.

This also makes them ideal for co-living, if you’re anxious about your partner’s reaction or living in dormitories.

Egg Design: Pros and Cons

This said design can be a trade-off for some. Used alone the Tenga Egg in itself is not arousing, for example, some men enjoy the visual aspect of a vagina sleeve masturbator.

Also, whilst the egg-shape is unopposing it’s also bizarre (for most) to place in a sexual context. I, for example, felt my most anxiety, not about using the Tenga Egg but about presenting to my partner a literal egg to be used on the bewildered man in the name of investigative journalism.

The Tenga Egg’s design also makes it easy to use one-handed, say if sir was wielding a phone at that same special moment. Many say the Tenga Egg is mess-free, with the happy ending contained in the egg masturbator (if you want it to be).

In my experience, this is true to an extent, whilst the egg sex toy certainly contained a lot, my partner still asked for a wipe afterward because his: “penis was covered in lube and semen.”

Switching-Up Sensation

Tenga Eggs are an opportunity for men to explore a new variety of sensations, broadening their sexual repertoire at an accessible, playful price point. Unlike Fleshlights which cost upwards of $79.99, Tenga Eggs cost $6.50 a pop and therefore make for a gentle entry option for newbie toy users in partner play or solo work.

Unlike traditional manual, Tenga Eggs feel softer, similar to oral sex, and with some textures, the Tenga Egg’s slight snugness gives the same pleasure as stretching a woman’s vagina when inside her. In other words, Tenga Eggs are a low-cost sexual upgrade from the traditional handjob.

Some users recommended you apply a more gentle pressure than you would otherwise. Using a Tenga Egg isn’t all about friction, let the Tenga Egg do the work.

The more pressure you apply, the less distinctly you feel what your Tenga Egg is designed to stimulate and the more it feels as though something is being done to you, something more than your hand.

Testing Tenga Eggs on My Boyfriend

Playing with what sensations our Tenga Egg could provoke, I used the “frenulum swirl” method, where you apply gentle oscillating pressure with two fingers beneath the head on the underside of the penis with the Tenga Egg applied.

He told me this felt a lot like oral sex suggesting the Tenga Egg worked to promote different sensations depending on where it was focused.

Blindfolded, he noted that the inner ridges felt like Tenga were trying to make it feel like the inside of a woman with “hard and fast” feeling very similar to vaginal sex.

Interestingly, he couldn’t feel my hand at all through the sleeve. He also said that the lube was: “ludicrously cold and if it could be warmed up it would feel very close to being inside a vagina.”

He followed this with: “It [the lube] felt orange flavored.” He said this with such earnest it was impossible not to laugh. The lubricant’s foil packaging was orange-colored, not, orange-flavored. He was very post-climax, we’ll let this slide.

My Boyfriend’s Review of Tenga Eggs

My boyfriend would definitely recommend it to a friend, when I asked how much he thought it was he guessed $30 (bearing in mind at this point he assumed it was reusable), and when I asked whether he would buy one for himself: “Now that I know they’re $6.50, definitely.”

He gave the Tenga Egg 10/10 in its aim as an upgrade to normal masturbation, 5/10 compared to oral sex, 3/10 compared to vaginal sex, and concluded: “It [the Tenga Egg] definitely delivers a new sensation but it’s not comparable to being with a woman.

Maybe as part of foreplay as I’ve never seen anything for men [in the male sexy toy industry] which can be used just for stimulation and so easily”

Partner Play

The Tenga Egg’s size makes them easy to use with one hand or fingertips and the mess, for your partner not on the receiving end, is contained.

The Tenga Egg appealed to me because it was a sleek way of upgrading my manual game. I’ve always felt handjobs were otherwise lazy so I never really bothered with them.

For her, Tenga Eggs can also be turned inside out, so that its texture is on the exterior, and used with fingertips, placed over wands, rabbits and finger and tongue vibrators.

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Tenga Eggs Product Line

Tenga egg sensations

The Tenga Eggs are sold individually or in packs of six in an egg carton.

Tenga Eggs New Standard

Tenga Egg Variety Pack

In the original Tenga Eggs Easy Beat Regular Strength there are 12 varieties each with correspondingly different textures designed to provoke different sensations.

tenga eggs variety pack new standard

Strong Sensations Hard-Boiled Product Line

Hard Boiled Tenga eggs

The Tenga Egg hard-boiled product line comes in 6 varieties, the masturbation sleeves of the hard-boiled line are slightly stronger, have more intricate textures, and use a “hard gel” for a more intense sensation.

tenga eggs variety pack hard boiled

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