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front view penimaster box

Delivered anonymously – My PeniMaster package was delivered by DHL in a big and cool yellow box. That’s a good first impression, isn’t it?

When I received the PeniMaster, I didn’t know what to expect. I have seen and tried a lot of penis extenders and I was really curious to see what this PeniMaster was all about.

I contacted their company in Germany and have received top-notch support from the very beginning. Their attention to detail and professionalism stood out (compared to other extenders I have tried) and I was hoping their device would match their promises.

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I have received both PeniMaster Chrome and PeniMaster PRO with DHL, in an anonymous big yellow box. I am based in Australia and a lot of the time, penis extenders, toys or supplements get stuck at custom due to the very strict Aussie rules, but my PeniMaster package had no issues.

Later on I discovered that contrary to 95% of penis extenders out there, this is not only sold in German pharmacies, but it’s most importantly an FDA listed product – which is quite impressive.

penimaster package laying on bed

Please don’t throw! – That’s all I could read on the PeniMaster box. Nowhere it said I just received a penis extender. Privacy protected, awesome.

penimaster package vertical

Solid box – Most penis extenders we have reviewed were delivered in clumsy packages, not this one. PeniMaster wowed right from the beginning.

opening penimaster

German touch – I opened the package and the PeniMaster Chrome was right on top with some nice cushioning on the side for protection.

Due to the nature of our website, I do receive a lot of packages to my house and my bedroom looks like a male enhancement/sex toys warehouse. The usual routine is that I receive the package from either a private courier or by the local postman – who never ask for my signature or name… This is an awesome quick solution, the only problem being that if I was living with friends or family, they could easily get their hands on my package and if they were curious enough, they could also open it and seal it back with some sticky tape.

PeniMaster was different and distinguished itself from the beginning: I didn’t receive the package straight away, but I did get a letter informing me that I needed to go to the post office with an ID to retrieve it. While this was a little annoying, I can definitely see how much privacy this adds to the delivery, ensuring that the right person gets his hands on the box first.

PeniMaster PRO Review

I will start with the PeniMaster PRO review, primarily because it’s the first one I tried and opened, but also because I do think it’s better than the classic Chrome version of PeniMaster.

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PeniMaster PRO is just a top class, professional, high quality penis extender that outshines the competition by far. WhileI was mounting it and trying it on, my girlfriend called me on the phone and this is how the conversation went:

> Hey babe, how’s it going?

> Yeah, you know… just trying this PeniMaster PRO

> How is it?

> Well, the problem is that it looks great and I just know it’s gonna be hard to write the review, there are very few negative things to say about it…

> Ahaha… Well, you know, just write what you think…

So, here I am guys, writing what I think. And here is my video review on youtube.

PeniMaster PRO’s awesome case and first impression

penimaster pro chrome standing up

Pro and Chrome – PeniMaster Pro on the left and Chrome on the right. In the middle you can see the spare parts I got: sluices and diaphragms (for PeniMaster PRO) with cream and disinfectant.

penimaster pro top view

Easy to lock – PeniMaster PRO’s case looks like a handyman’s toolbox. It’s solid and steady.

penimaster pro storage case

Professional feel – The impression I got when handling the case was that I was dealing with professional equipment.

penimaster pro case side view

Quite heavy – The case of PeniMaster PRO is kinda “heavy” compared to other penis extenders, but it’s definitely easy to carry.

These guys have a great attention to detail, but not only that, they also realize that you may want to store the extender somewhere after you use it, right?

Well, the case in which the PeniMaster PRO is stored is just awesome. Everything has its own spot and each spot is slightly tighter than the width of the item that goes there, which means that each piece doesn’t fall off when opening the bag.

In the pictures, you can see the PRO basic system (the one that goes to your glans in order to exert traction), the sluices in different colors (and therefore sizes), the diaphragms, the rod expander, the belt, the ball pump, the hoe and the rest.

penimaster pro inside case

A spot for everything: Belt expander, rod expander, pump ball and everything else in the PeniMaster PRO is organized with extreme attention to details and care.

I was also impressed by the way they used the colors for different functions of the extender… For instance, the wearable parts of the extender are white (both belt expander, rod expander, and PRO basic system) while the part you use to mount the extender is in green (hoe and pump ball), the medical latex diaphragms and sluices instead are colorful and stand out. You see, these are little things but it’s just something that is very rare to find from a penis enlargement company and I think they deserve to be mentioned.

A little trouble wearing PeniMaster PRO the first time

When reviewing items, I always keep YOU (yes, you that are reading this PeniMaster review right now!) in mind, and try to give you as much useful information as possible to help you out in your decision.

This requires attention to both positives and negatives of each product and while this is a really minor issue I have had, it’s important for me that I am always totally honest with my readers, and to inform you that I spent almost a full hour trying to figure out how the hell I was supposed to apply the PeniMaster PRO.

The next few times after that first try seemed to go much smoother, however, that first attempt was somewhat of a nightmare.

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all penimaster pro parts

Testing PeniMaster PRO: A little hard to mount the first time but totally worth it. From left to right you can see belt, PRO basic system with blue diaphragm, hoe, rod expander, case and cream.

The secret is in the DVD. As I said in the video review, I don’t have a DVD player on my laptop so I tried to read the user manual and mount it from there… Well, it didn’t work.

Life-saving PeniMaster PRO video tutorial

So, I decided to switch on my girlfriend’s laptop (which has a DVD player), I watched the video and… thank God!

Trust me when I say that you should watch the video tutorial. It’s easy, clear, step-by-step, and because of it I had my PeniMaster PRO mounted in no time.

  • Update: As of 2024, I cannot say for certain whether or not the PeniMaster (both PRO and Chrome) comes with an instructional DVD, as there is no mention of it on their website. It does say, however, that it comes with an instruction manual.

The hardest part for me was wrapping the sluice (that small medical latex tube) and the diaphragm (that small latex cap that looks like a button) on the PRO basic system.

Sluices and diaphragms come in three separate colors: the medium comes in yellow, the small comes in green, and the wider option comes in blue. On top of all that, you also have the option to also split adapters to the bottom of the PRO, in order to find the best possible fit for you to begin with. After you notice your penis size increasing, there will be no need for you to add the adapters.

PeniMaster PRO’s rare hygienic grip

If you follow our website, you know that I have tried many penis extenders. Actually I have tried more than the ones displayed, reason being we only publish reviews of products that we believe can add fun/value to your life and if a product is really bad or a scam, we just don’t publish the review at all. I have tried many extenders and the PeniMaster PRO has been the best in terms of comfort on the glans, and security of the grip.

Most penis extenders have spongy systems to secure your glans for traction, because everyone knows that a sponge is soft and comfy, right?

Well, a sponge is also something very hard to wash and also a great place for bacteria to accumulate. PeniMaster PRO does not use any sponges at all and yet the combination of the medical latex diaphragm, plus cream (which comes together with the extender) is a winner: comfortable, secure, and hygienic.

Squeeze, get closer, release and enter – the pump ball

The secret to getting the PeniMaster PRO on quickly is to squeeze the pump ball and to twist it on the PRO basic while it is squeezed – watch the DVD tutorial to see what I mean.

penimaster pro parts displayed

Squeeze than turn: that’s the secret I have been struggling with and now you have it. When you squeeze, turn and release your glans gets sucked inside the PRO basic system and you’re ready to go.

Put some of the gliding cream you find in the package on top of the medical latex diaphragm, put your glans close to the diaphragm, and then release the squeeze. When you do that, your glans will be sucked inside the PRO basic system and it’ll be secured in place and ready for stretching.

My advice again: watch the video tutorial. Watch that DVD, because it shows you how to wear the PRO basic system (basically that white bulb part where you insert your glans) step by step and clearly with captions.

A smaller and more portable alternative to the pump ball is the hoe system, which allows you to enter the glans in the PRO basic by sucking air through it. I didn’t like the hoe system though, I think it requires too much effort to do something the pump ball does in a second.

4 Ways to stretch your penis with PeniMaster PRO

Once your glans is inside the device, you want to choose how to stretch your penis, or how to “expand” it (in both length and thickness). I have tried both the belt expander and the rod expander.

The belt can be worn on your hips, on your knee (I think the video also said you can wear it on your ankle! – If your penis is 30 inches long, you can probably wear it on your ankle too, and on your shoulder).

See It

wearing penimaster pro belt

Belt expander: I’m wearing PeniMaster PRO with stretching belt. In the image you can see the PRO basic system hooked in the belt and elongating my penis. Unless you are trying to correct a curvature, you may want to change stretching direction each day.

The belt can be easily locked in place due to the rings that come out of it. This also allows you to regulate the traction (the user manual shows you how to organize your penis enlargement training sessions) easily and precisely.

The other option is to use the rod expander, which was my favorite one. The thing with the belt is that you need to alternate the direction of the stretch each day and I can’t be bothered with that… I prefer something simple and easy like the rod expander.

wearing penimaster pro rod expander

Rod expander: I’m wearing PeniMaster PRO with rod expander which I honestly preferred to the belt because it’s easier to set up and doesn’t need me to remember in which direction I was stretching the day before. But the belt is nicer if you want to wear it while you sleep. In the PeniMaster PRO complete set you get both, so you can try and discover what works best for you.

The rod expander looks similar to a classic penis extender with metal bars and basal ring, but what makes it unique is the top part and the way it connects to the PRO basic system ensuring smooth, comfortable and secure stretch.

PeniMaster PRO must be comfy or you’re doing something wrong

One thing I loved about PeniMaster PRO is that they tell you that the extender must feel comfortable, otherwise you are doing something wrong. How cool is that? My main concern with trying out any new extender is the amount of discomfort I expect from all of them. This is down to the fact that I’ve tried so many and very few of them are comfortable.

ButI tell you what… the PeniMaster PRO does feel comfortable, but most importantly it feels like the most secure penis extender I have tried.

“What do you mean by ‘secure’?” I hear you ask.

I mean steady, even, and anti-slippery. I felt like this is a penis extender I could wear for a long time without having to keep adjusting the top part. The vacuum pump system was so much better than anything I’d tried in the past, and it actually felt nice to wear. There were no concerns about circulation being cut off from an overtightened strap, or any pain whatsoever.

Wearing the PeniMaster PRO and enjoying the stretch

The funniest thing about this extender is that since it was so comfortable, I felt totally relaxed about it and started to actually enjoy the tingling sensation of the stretching and the look of myself in the mirror with this XL penis (yes, it looks longer already while you stretch it).

anonymous look penimaster

Can you see anything? I’m wearing the PeniMaster PRO with a belt expander and there is really little to see from the outside.

When wearing pants, one thing to keep in mind when using PeniMaster PRO with the rod expander is that you want to move your penis pointing upwards because of the two extremities that come out of the device. With other penis stretchers I have tried, you can even keep your penis pointing down and still put underwear and pants on top, but due to PeniMaster PRO’s shape, it’s more comfortable to have your penis pointing up when wearing clothes on top (they show you how in the video tutorial, anyways).

rod expander coming out my pants

Pointing up: When you wear PeniMaster PRO with rod expander underneath your clothes you may want to have your penis pointing upwards for additional comfort.

My results using the PeniMaster PRO

I wore the PeniMaster PRO for around 6 hours everyday for 3 months and in that time, the size of my erect penis grew by almost an inch. Now, that may be hard to believe given that most extenders require you to wear their device daily for 6 months in order to see results, but the PeniMaster PRO did just that in half the time.

Not only that, but my erections feel rock solid and harder than ever, and my sex drive has gone through the roof. I’ve got all the confidence of a pornstar thanks to my extra inch, and the libido of a teenager.

While I have been more than happy with my results, you should note that not everyone’s experiences with the PeniMaster PRO will be the same as mine. When it comes to penis extension, there is a lot of commitment and time to be dedicated to achieve the best results.

PeniMaster PRO rocks

My final thought is simple: PeniMaster PRO rocks. Powerful, professional, high quality, comfortable, hygienic, and backed with an awesome customer support team, this penis extender is the best I have ever tried (and due to the nature of our website, I’ve probably tried more extenders than anybody else on the planet).

PeniMaster Chrome Review

After you have tried the PeniMaster PRO, it’s hard for every extender to compete and yet PeniMaster Chrome (the classic and older version of PeniMaster) did pretty well compared to its younger and evolved brother.

The first thing you notice about PeniMaster Chrome is the packaging. I remember talking to a family friend who used to own a packaging business. This guy knows all the secrets of packaging and can tell you where and how everything is made by just taking a glance at it.

Well, this friend of mine always says: “People buy the package, not the product” and this of course explains why our shopping mall’s shelves are filled up with awesome packages… But what’s the point in creating an awesome package when you sell a penis extender online?

See It

penimaster chrome packaging

Little things that show attention to detail: PeniMaster Chrome’s package is just more proof that this company cares about details.

Not much really, unless you sell the same product in a brick and mortar shop (a pharmacy, for instance) or unless you just care about details… and PeniMaster does both.

German packaging (it takes up quite a bit of space)

Just like the PeniMaster PRO, PeniMaster Chrome’s box had everything set up in a tidy and neat way: all the metal bars at the bottom, the device in the middle (with holding belt already mounted), the comfort belt at the top, spare holding belts on each side, and the user manual and DVD behind the case.

penimaster chrome box case

Organized: Rod expander in the middle, holding belts on each side, comfort belts on top and metal bars just below. Written and video instructions are stored behind the box.

This level of organization is rare and although awesome, it does take up a lot of space, especially if you are somebody who travels for work and doesn’t always have extra luggage room. I did feel the lack of a compact storage case, but I also realize this is not a critical detail for everybody.

PeniMaster Chrome is easy to mount, but watch the tutorial

Just like the PeniMaster PRO mate, I advise that you watch the video tutorial and see how to mount it on your penis. There is a naked guy in the video that shows you just how to do it step by step. It really is a 1-2-3 process.

After you have inserted your penis through the basal ring, open one of the comfort belts (those transparent sticky layers you’ll find at the top of the package) and wrap it around your penis just before the glans.

fully mounted penimaster

Easy to mount: PeniMaster Chrome feels light and solid on my hand. This penis extender is very easy to mount.

zoom comfort holding belt

Comfort belt and holding belt: The white one is the holding belt, the transparent one is the comfort belt. The comfort belt is not really a “belt” but more of a sticky thick layer to gives grip to the holding belt and protects your skin from irritations.

dismounted penimaster chrome case

Dismounted: Penimaster Chrome dismounted and laying on its own case.

holding penimaster expander

Holding support without belt: PeniMaster Chrome features a unique fastening system for the holding belt that I have never seen before (and I have seen lots of extenders).

Then place that part on the holding support and get the holding belt through it, tighten up and you’re ready to go.

High quality materials and patented technologies

Metal bars for classic penis extenders all look identical online, but they are not. I am not a chemical engineer but I can tell you that the quality of the metal bars for the rod expander in the PeniMaster Chrome (and PeniMaster PRO), are at a higher level of sophistication and quality.

This is something that really stands out only when you hold the extender in your hand, or when you touch it. Obviously it’s really hard to actually see that from a picture, but there is a difference, and if you were in my shoes and had experienced many extenders, you would pick up that difference in quality easily.

Another awesome thing is the way you can secure the holding belt at the bottom of the holding support with those adaptive fastening apertures, which not only allow you to insert the belt more easily than in 90% of penis extenders out there, but it also allows you to secure it better. A lot of the parts of the PeniMaster are patented and I wouldn’t be surprised if this fastening system is on the list.

Warning: cut your hair before using PeniMaster Chrome!

Something I didn’t like about PeniMaster Chrome is that you need to cut your pubic hair to wear it. You could say that cutting your hair is a “tip” but it’s not, because if you are very hairy like me, they get pulled and it hurts.

Sure, after a few minutes I managed to wear the PeniMaster Chrome by holding my hair back while wrapping the comfort belt around my penis, but this is too time consuming and not something I would do on a daily basis.

If you, like me, have little to no patience and want everything to work right from the beginning, do yourself a favor and trim your hair before using PeniMaster Chrome.

Don’t get me wrong, PeniMaster feels very comfortable and I almost felt myself getting an erection with the pleasurable stretching sensation it gives, but the hair really gets in the way.

Wearing PeniMaster and chilling around

As you can see from the video, you can easily wear PeniMaster Chrome with a pair of loose pants, and I would add that it’s better if you have a shirt that hangs over your pants to cover the top part of it.

See It

wearing penimaster chrome

Nothing to see here: I’m wearing PeniMaster chrome and there is very little to see really. Although this penis stretcher looks pretty anonymous, I’d suggest you to wear your t-shirt untucked for additional privacy.

As I said before, this penis extender felt comfortable, secure, and almost pleasurable, which is a winning combination if you are going to wear it for many hours.

Overall, the PeniMaster Chrome is a great penis extender, second only to its new and PRO version.

PeniMaster Chrome VS PeniMaster PRO

I am in the rare and lucky position to have tried both the PeniMaster Chrome and the PeniMaster PRO (together with many other devices as well), and I can tell you that while they both feel comfortable and secure, I do prefer the PeniMaster PRO.

penimaster pro chrome next each other

Comparison: PeniMaster Chrome (left) and PeniMaster PRO (right) are both high quality penis extenders, with the Chrome being slightly cheaper and “old-style” and the PRO being the top-notch latest evolution in penis extenders technology. The PRO is more comfortable, but the Chrome is a valid choice too.

The biggest differences between the two systems are:

1) The holding system: While PeniMaster Chrome uses a normal holding belt with holding support, PeniMaster PRO uses an adaptive, glans-shaped vacuumed bulb (called “PRO basic system”) that feels more comfortable, steady, and precise.

2) You can both use PeniMaster Chrome and PeniMaster PRO in “rod expander mode” but PeniMaster PRO also gives you the option of wearing it with a belt expander (both on shoulder, knee, or waist) which is not only less obtrusive and takes less space in your pants, but it can probably be worn at night as well with more ease.

3) PeniMaster PRO is easier to store than PeniMaster Chrome with its solid and tidy case.

4) If you are hairy and don’t want to cut your hair, you’ll probably find more comfort in PeniMaster PRO.

I have been really impressed by this company and their penis extenders, and it has been a real pleasure to review them and to discover such a high level of professionalism and quality. Everything has a price in life, but this one is totally worth it.

About PeniMaster

The PeniMaster brand falls under another company known as MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG, which focuses on the development of urologic products, as well as medical products.

MSP Concept has been operating since 1998, while 2002 welcomed PeniMaster as a brand. The PeniMaster PRO launched in 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can men with circumcised penises wear the PeniMaster?

Absolutely. PeniMaster is comfortable to wear irrespective of whether you have a circumcised penis, or an uncircumcised penis.

Can I wear the PeniMaster overnight?

PeniMaster have made their device super comfortable to wear, meaning it’s possible to wear it overnight whilst sleeping. It’s always advised to wear the device throughout the day, however, the company realizes that is not always possible, but do suggest familiarizing yourself with the product before you commit to overnight wearing.

Can I wear the PeniMaster during exercise?

It’s always advised that you remove the device before partaking in any physical activity.

Can I wear the PeniMaster underneath clothing?

Yes, it’s possible to wear the PeniMaster comfortably beneath clothing.


Penile traction therapy with the new device ‘Penimaster PRO’ is effective and safe in the stable phase of Peyronie’s disease: a controlled multicentre study.

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