Best Black Sex Dolls For Men (2023) – Top 10 Ebony Dolls

black sex doll

If like me you’re in love with black girls, then go ahead and bookmark this review of the best black sex dolls for men and share it with your friends. Have fun!

Sex dolls come in every size, shape, and color, but today, we’re leaving all the other ethnic dolls behind and focusing on the Nubian queens of the sex doll world. That’s right, an entire spread on our favorite black sex dolls for men.

Top 3 Black Sex Dolls in 2023

These black sex dolls are just as realistic as the full body dolls, but they’re cheaper, lighter, easier to store, and generally just a better buy for a first timer. You’re welcome!

Black Sex DollPriceInformation
Cheapest black sex doll
tiana realistic butt
Check PriceGreat if you're into thick black big booties.
Best black sex doll
Zara black sex doll
Check PriceDat ass. Amazing black sex doll with an ass to slap and enjoy at will.
Dora black sex dollCheck PriceBeautiful, jiggly, tanned black sex doll.

Why You Need a Black Sex Doll

This seems obvious, but let me spell it out for you in case you’re not sure. Jerking off gets old, and even the best male sex toys on the market becomes boring eventually. What if I offered you a girlfriend with the best body you’ve ever seen, who’s always ready to have sex and doesn’t ask for anything in return (except maybe a sponge bath)?

If you said, HELL YES, then chances are you’d love a sex doll of your own.

Materials Used for Black Sex Dolls

Realistic black sex dolls come in two materials: silicone and TPE. Silicone dolls are heavier and more expensive, but also more durable. TPE is a little lighter, less expensive, and has a really nice fleshy feel that many doll owners prefer.

Higher-quality love dolls often come with removable orifices, which makes cleaning a lot easier, and also makes replacement a breeze once you’ve enjoyed those holes into eternity.

The 11 Best Black Sex Dolls To Buy

Here they are, enjoy and let me know how it goes when you buy one!

Nava Ebony Skinny Doll

Nava ebony doll

Young. Athletic. Toned.

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Soft-touch TPE material. Realistic.

Who is it for?

This is the doll for someone with a barely-legal fantasy. Her body is sleek and athletic, with the small, perky tits of a teenager. Her legs are long and lean, and her ass is toned and tight.

Why should you buy this?

Because of her soft, silky skin and youthful allure. Unlike many big black sex dolls, her ass and tits are small and toned. If you’ve ever dreamed of pounding a hot, black cheerleader, Nava is your girl.

Why I picked Nava?

I was drawn to her delicate build and stunning face. Her expression looks like she is just challenging me to enjoy every piece of her, and I love it.


  • More affordable than silicone
  • Lighter than some other dolls
  • Realistic face


  • Shallower orifice depth than some other dolls
  • TPE not as durable as silicone
  • No built-in warmer option

Tyra Gorgeous Black Doll

Tyra black sex doll

Photo-realistic. Gorgeous. Expensive.

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Hyper realistic silicone doll. Luxury model. Realistic proportions.

Who is it for?

This is for the discriminating person who wants an incredibly realistic, high-end black doll and isn’t afraid to pay for it. Every inch of her is perfection.

Why should you buy this?

Buy this because you don’t want to settle for anything but the best, and you can afford it.

Why I picked Tyra?

I found Tyra’s photorealistic face irresistible. Her freckles, her mouth, every last detail of this black doll is arousing.


  • The most realistic black sex doll out there
  • Silicone construction is built to last
  • Realistic proportions


  • More expensive than other dolls
  • Only slightly customizable
  • Will make your other sex dolls jealous

Ebony Big Booty Black Doll

Ebony doll with big boobs

Busty. Fit. Feisty.

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Silicone. Huge tits. Totally customizable features.

Who is it for?

This is the doll for someone who dreams of giving it to a petite gym bunny with a tiny waist and gargantuan tits anytime he wants to. She’s got a fierce, feisty face and a hot, tight body with boobs for days.

Why should you buy this?

Because you’re a tit man who can afford to spring for the top-quality model of black sex doll with incredible boobs.

Why I picked Ebony?

One word: tits. Her body is so outrageously proportioned, when I look at her all I can think about is to enjoy her boobs before I finish off in her tight pussy. Her face is sassy, her body is bangin’, and I want to throw her sweet teats a bone.


  • Silicone construction is durable and realistic
  • Many customizations available
  • She comes with a heating option


  • Slightly more expensive than other dolls
  • Tits might be a challenge to manage if she’s on top
  • Shallower orifices than most other dolls

Millie Black MILF Sex Doll

Millie black sex doll

Sensual. Buxom. Heavy.

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Soft-touch silicone. Enormous tits. Great customization available.

Who is it for?

Millie is for someone who wants to be buried in boobs. This is an ebony sex doll for someone strong who doesn’t mind throwing their weight around to maneuver their playmate. She’s a formidable silicone woman, at 5’4” and weighing in over 80 pounds.

Why should you buy this?

Because you love luscious ladies with titties you can drown in, and you want a black sex doll you can customize in unusual ways, like adding a hymen or freckles.

Why I picked Millie?

For one, because she is gorgeous. Her bee-stung lips and honey-brown complexion give her a deliciousness and her rotatable eyes seem to invite you to give her the best sex of her life. Her tits are unreal, and the rest of her body is just right.


  • High-quality, durable silicone construction
  • Many unusual custom options
  • Less expensive than many silicone dolls


  • No removable vagina option
  • Heavier than most dolls
  • Really shallow mouth orifice

Zara Big Ass Black Sex Doll

Zara black doll

Tit-tacular. Bootylicious. Dark.

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Soft-touch TPE doll. Massive tits and ass.

Who is it for?

This is the doll for the man who loves ass and tits equally, but if I’m honest, her ass is the crown jewel. Fans of Zara like a lady with some curves, and want some nice, deep holes to plunge their meat into.

Why should you buy this?

Because you love a silky, chocolate mama and especially want to take her from behind. Her tiny waist and huge ass and tits make her fun to grab on and take for a ride.

Why I picked Zara?

Zara’s ass is rounder, juicier, and bigger than any other big booty black sex doll on the market. Her skin tone is extra dark, and her curves are kicking.


  • Great big booty
  • Payment plan available
  • Super deep orifices


  • Not the most realistic looking doll
  • Expensive for a TPE doll
  • Limited customization options

Alia Sexy Black Doll

Alia sex doll colored

Voluptuous. Stacked. Affordable.

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Soft-touch TPE doll. Extremely curvy body type.

Who is it for?

This is for the guy who jerks off to the thought of having sex with Kim Kardashian. Whoever chooses Alia has to be prepared to get a workout, because she is heavy as hell– almost 100 pounds of fully enjoyable material.

Why should you buy this?

You should buy this if you want to stick it to a body that is stacked in every way. Seriously, this is a whole doll for a great price. When you pound her big, round ass, it will jiggle and recoil just like the real thing.

Why I picked Alia?

Because TPE was made for a doll like this. There isn’t a black love doll with better curves. Her calves, thighs, and all so sensually-designed. Her proportions are just perfect if you like some meat on those bones.


  • Great price
  • Amazing curvy body
  • Upgraded skeleton for more realistic positions


  • Heavy compared to other dolls
  • Not the most realistic face
  • No specs given on orifice depth

Maze BBW Black Sex Doll

Maze sexy black doll

Thick. Soft. Curvy.

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Soft-touch TPE doll. Thickest body on the market. Huge ass and tits.

Who is it for?

This is the doll built for the man who wants to enjoy a big, thick mama with plenty of cushion everywhere. She’s tall and extra-heavy (110 pounds!), so she needs a man who can get her into position and keep her there.

Why should you buy this?

Because you love a woman built like a brick shithouse. Maze is 100% solid from her neck down to her toes. She looks like a real woman with a few extra pounds in all the right places and plenty of padding everywhere else.

Why I picked Maze?

I was fascinated by her thick ass and legs and the realistic waist and belly. She’s beautiful but (aside from her out of control tits) looks like a real woman. She has a sweet, realistic face but honestly, with that much ass and titties, it took me a minute to notice.


  • Thickest, juiciest body of them all
  • Reasonable price
  • Realistic body


  • The heaviest doll of them all
  • A little pricy for TPE
  • Limited custom options

Dora Pretty Ebony

Dora black sex doll

Young. Perky. Lightweight.

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TPE type doll. Excellent Value. Realistic features.

Who is it for?

This is a doll for the guy who can’t get enough of cheerleaders and college coeds. Her body is light and tight, and for sale at a really good price.

Why should you buy this?

Because you’re ready for an entry-level doll that delivers the goods. You should buy this doll because you don’t have thousands to spend, but still want a doll that is built to last and looks realistic.

Why I picked Dora?

First of all, there was no name on this doll, but I thought she looked like Dora the Explorer–innocent, young, and ready for an adventure. Her small, perky tits are a perfect handful, and her petite body makes her easy to maneuver.


  • Excellent price
  • Realistic Features
  • Comes with a cleaning tool and a heating tool


  • No custom options available
  • Built-in vagina not removable
  • Lighter skin than most dolls

Shannen Mature Black Doll

Shannan black skinny sex doll

Mature. Curvaceous. Jiggly.

Show Price
TPE doll. Mature, sexy body. Great value.

Who is it for?

All the guys who have dreamed of Halle Berry are going to want to get with this short haired vixen. She’s got the perfect MILF look: big, sturdy breasts, smooth, realistic skin, and a glorious, full ass.

Why should you buy this?

Because you love a slender woman with curves in all the right places, and you don’t want to shell out for a far more expensive silicone model. The economy price tier makes this a really affordable option.

Why I picked Shannen?

Shannen stood out to me with her beautiful facial features and her super sexy body. Unlike some of the slender, teenaged-looking models, she looks full-grown and ready to take me to the next level, sexually. She has a very classy, sophisticated look that some of the other black sex dolls lack.


  • Darker skin option availabe
  • Has a big, shapely booty
  • Extra-jiggly TPE possible


  • Shallow mouth and anus
  • No warming wand offered
  • Not the most realistic

Anna Tall Black Sex Doll

Anna black doll

Tall. Exotic. Modelesque.

Soft-touch TPE. Slender, model-like beauty. Tallest black doll available.

Who is it for?

This is for the gentleman who likes his dolls long and tall. Anyone who goes for exotic beauty with tiny, perky breasts would enjoy Anna.

Why should you buy this?

You should buy Anna for the great value she offers. Her construction is realistic, her face is sweet, and she comes with a heating option so she is always warm and ready for you when you want her.

Why I picked Anna?

Anna looks like she just walked off a runway. With her endlessly long legs and high cheekbones, she stands out from the competition. Her tight body looks perfect for intense action, and her ripe, red mouth looks ready to take a hard cock.


  • Tall and light, maneuverable body
  • Comes with a built-in warmer
  • Realistic, sexy features


  • Limited customization available
  • Doesn’t come in darker skin tone
  • Comes with lipstick, no neutral option

Betty Sweet Ebony

Bettie ebony sex doll

Asstacular. Sassy. Budget-friendly.

Show Price
Soft-touch TPE doll. Cheap doll with a high-end feel.

Who is it for?

This is for the man who dreams of hooking up with his hot black neighbor with the slender body and big ass. She’s a great choice for someone seeking a high-end looking doll with an entry-level price tag.

Why should you buy this?

You should buy this because the price is right and the body is tight. Seriously, though, this is a stunning doll with a fantastic ass at a great price.

Why I picked Bettie?

I picked Bettie because she has an intimidating, sassy-looking face but a hyper-realistic ass and pussy. Her small tits are perky and well-crafted, but her ass is the main event. She just looks at you like she is daring you to tear that pussy up, which is exactly what she inspires me to do.


  • Plenty of custom options available
  • Super-hot, bottom-heavy body
  • Excellent value for the price


  • No warming option available
  • A little heavy for her build
  • No depth offered for mouth and ass

Buy a Black Sex Doll Tonight

Choose your Nubian princess and she will be waiting for you every night, ready to be enjoyed just how you like it.

Sexy, undemanding, and always ready for a good time. It doesn’t really matter why you buy your first black sex doll. You’re going to have hours of deeply satisfying sexual bliss no matter what. You’re welcome.

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