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cobra libre

Cobra Libre is not like a typical masturbator, but more of a male vibrator. You don’t thrust inside it, you don’t stroke it over your shaft, you don’t squeeze it.

Cobra Libre and Cobra Libre 2 (which are basically identical except for the buttons – see more below) work in a completely different way from a typical male sex toy.

If you are open minded enough to give it a try, you’ll discover a new way of getting off that doesn’t involve any sweating or stroking.

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Before receiving the Cobra Libre I had read a few reviews, just to see what other people thought about this male sex toy and one of the common traits of many reviews was: this thing is too short.

Is it really short? Let’s find out in this Cobra Libre review.

cobra libre packaging external

Cobra Libre Masturbator’s Unboxing

The first impression I had when opening the anonymous box containing the Cobra Libre was the size of the packaging. I was expecting something much bigger and was surprised to see how small the toy is.

The good thing about it is that its size is travel-friendly, it doesn’t take much space and you can easily carry this male vibrator with you.

On Cobra Libre’s packaging I also noticed another couple of interesting details:

1) The magnetic charger with USB port

2) The “made in Germany” badge

The magnetic charger is actually a great idea. These people at Fun Factory aimed to make Cobra Libre waterproof, so that you can easily wash it but also for other fun reasons… And putting an actual socket on the toy would have made things complicated.

The magnetic charger solves this problem, you simply need to move the end of the cable close to the back of the toy (basically where the Fun Factory’s logo is) and it will stick to it instantly.

On the other end of the cable you have a USB plug, which allows you to recharge your Cobra Libre from your computer or wherever.

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cobra libre front view

Where’s the Cobra Masturbator Made

We live in a fun world where people believe all sort of crazy stuff. Most of the times this crazy stuff is great for marketing purposes.

For example some believe that Japanese people are great with computers, or that African American people are better at dancing than others, or that French people are romantic and that New Zealand people are big (which is not a belief, they are actually huge…).

So with German people, its common belief everything made in Germany is good quality, I highly doubt this is the truth, but I still feel some sort of confidence when handling a German piece of electronics…

They wrote it on the package: “Made in Germany” and it is something to take into account especially when considering where many toys are made and how cheap their quality is. You buy a sex toy made in an evolved European country where you would expect they have high standards and rules for quality control.

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cobra libre top view

Cobra Libre’s Features

Unless you are Swedish, you hate IKEA’s user manuals, they are impossible to understand and successfully designed to be confusing, but even though a couple of screws will always be left over you will generally manage to make your IKEA’s furniture stand still.

I also managed to use Cobra Libre, don’t get me wrong, what I’m saying is that they could have designed their user manual a little better, maybe writing a couple more words to explain the different types of vibration, maybe even name each vibration so you know what you are trying and maybe write some more about the different ways you can use it.

In the end, using Cobra Libre is very straightforward, you don’t need a degree in Electronic Engineering but finding myself with only images and not words was a little disappointing. Thankfully the Cobra Libre experience was so good that it becomes easy to forgive them after you try it.

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cobra libre magnetic charger

How to Use the Cobra Masturbator (Cobra Libre vs Cobra Libre II)

  • Original Cobra Libre

You have an horizontal button and two vertical buttons next to each other. The horizontal one is used to switch Cobra Libre on and off (you gotta hold it for a few seconds to make it work) and the other two give you multiple types of vibrations.

Hold the horizontal button for a couple of seconds, it will switch Cobra Libre on and it will start vibrating, then touch (not click, there is nothing to click since it’s a touch pad) either the left or the right button and it will change vibration.

There are 8 modes of vibration for the left button and 8 for the right one, so in total there are about 16 types of vibration.

  • Cobra Libre II

There are 2 buttons in this (newer) version. The plus button changes the vibration and the minus button changes the speed. Everything else is identical to the original Cobra masturbator (in my photos).

First step, I switched on the Cobra Libre on and I inserted my penis into it. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds and I get an erection, this thing feels good already.

At that stage I thought: “hmmm…. I think I might need some lube here”, so I put some normal water-based lubricant on the top part of my penis and then the Cobra Libre back on it.

At the beginning you need to make yourself familiar with the vibrations and find your perfect position. This is what Cobra Libre masturbation is all about: finding the perfect spot and the perfect vibration for you.

There are plenty of options available and it only takes an experimental attitude. It’s also very relaxing and less tiring compared to classical masturbation.

cobra libre user manual

My Cobra Libre Masturbation Marathon

Stage 1: That feels good baby

  • Cobra Libre feels awesome right from the beginning
  • I try and keep touching the buttons to test every possible vibration
  • I stand up, sit down, turn Cobra Libre upside down, I am still looking for the right position while feeling a deeply relaxing pleasure

Stage 2: Hmm… What am I doing wrong?

  • Thought in my mind: “hmmm… why I am not getting close?” I am enjoying, it feels really good but I am not getting close…
  • In a instinctive attempt of making things work, I start using Cobra Libre like a pocket pussy and thrust into it, and then I though: “Hey this thing is too short!”
  • I realized that my “Hey this thing is too short!” is just the kind of reaction I have read in other reviews, but still many people say Cobra Libre feels awesome so they must be doing something different, but what?

Stage 3: Forget about it, I wanna feel it!

  • I found a couple of Cobra Libre’s vibrations that feel so good I just want to lie down and enjoy them
  • I lie down, entering Cobra Libre while it sits on my stomach, oh yeah man, that feels good

Stage 4: Found a little trick

  • I found that relaxing your pelvic floor helps enjoying the sensations even more
  • In my mind: “Jeeeeez, this is why women love vibrators so much…”
  • In my bed, my eyes closed, enjoying this relaxing pleasure

Stage 5: Got the right vibration for me

  • Found my favorite vibration, it feels like slow oral sex, awesome

Stage 6: Right spot + right vibration = OOO

  • While experimenting with Cobra Libre’s position I finally get the secret: you need to find your sweet spot between the head of your penis and the shaft, then you need to place the Cobra Libre to massage that part.
  • Once found the right spot and the right vibration: …Game Over

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cobra libre internal packaging

Final Thoughts

It took me almost 1 hour to come, which is good and not good depending on your point of you, but that makes me understand why some men have troubles with this toy, it needs a different attitude. For me it was a great experience and reminded me of my Tantric studies, where you simply have sex enjoying the experience, feeling the sensations in the moment.

If you see masturbation like a race, than Cobra Libre can be either not good for you, or a challenging pleasurable experience. Sometimes you get very close to coming, you know that if you would simply stroke yourself once you would come, instead you can’t and the vibration takes you there slowly… which feels great and intense.

One thing you’ll find is that Cobra Libre is very easy to wash and it doesn’t leave a mess around. Once you are done, you can easily wash the inner part in your sink or wherever you prefer, and it’ll be ready to be used again. A different toy. Cobra Libre is all about experience and intensity and less about jerking off. It’s also amazing to notice how far we have come in breaking the stigma of masturbation.

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