Female Aphrodisiacs: Boost Your Inner Sex Goddess

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Want your sex life to be hotter than the fire of a thousand suns? Of course you do. Everyone does, even those people who claim they are constantly at it, and the sex is amazing. They are probably over-exaggerating – if not outright lying. No-one has … [Continue reading]

HerSolution Review – Natural Women’s Libido Supplement


HerSolution. It sounds like the answer to a question, but what is that question? To be or not to be? Where to find a man who can operate the washing machine? These are issues which need addressing, but HerSolution is actually a potential answer to … [Continue reading]

Sexual Supplements For Women Step Out Of The Shadows

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We all want a better sex life – more of it, to last longer, or well, just any sex at all. The web is full of sexual supplements that claim to boost your libido and improve your sex life no end, but what are these sex pills and creams that claim to … [Continue reading]

Female Enhancement Pills – Myth-Hunting Special

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We love a good myth-hunting session here at LTS, it makes us feel like Van Helsing, and where better to start myth-hunting than with female enhancement pills. These pills are a bit like vampires, living in the nether-world, where myths abound and … [Continue reading]

Ladies, Got A Decreasing Sex Drive? Get That Orgasm Back!

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Don’t be embarrassed, a decreasing sex drive happens to us all. You just don’t fancy it, or you struggle with reaching orgasm. It’s more widespread than you think. Even if it’s a long-term problem, rather than a short-term reaction to a passing … [Continue reading]

Are Sex Hormones Affecting Your Libido?

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Not feeling up to par, or noticed your sex drive taking a nose dive? It could be your sex hormones letting you down. If you are a woman that’s heard many times ‘stop being hormonal’ or ‘it’s her hormones’ you may be getting irritated. Put that … [Continue reading]

Provestra Review – Natural Female Sexual Supplement


Never mind world peace, we know that women have been praying for a sex-enhancer that works. So is Provestra a libido-boosting sex nirvana? Provestra claim that their supplement will bring about deeply intensifying sexual sensations. It sounds … [Continue reading]

Female Sexual Disorder: Is It A Myth?


Not everyone has heard of female sexual disorder, so let’s take a look at what it is. But first please pay attention to this in-flight statement. Once upon a time there was a website called letstalksex.net that published articles about the … [Continue reading]

Try These Female Libido Enhancer Techniques


Female libido enhancers can be tricky things to identify, so we’ve helped you out with this guide. Much like the British weather, a female libido can change from one minute to the next. One day it’s on and the next it’s off. It’s not necessarily … [Continue reading]

How To Deal With Female Libido Problems


Sometimes you’re just not in the mood for sex. You’re tired, grumpy, over-worked and generally not feeling sexy. The keyword there is ‘sometimes.’ If you find that ‘sometimes’ is becoming ‘ most of the time’, then do some research into female … [Continue reading]