7PM The Most Popular Time to Have Sex – Study Reveals

Sex plays an essential role in our love life and it has the potential to make or break a relationship. But what if we need to work our sex life around our schedules?

Sometimes this is inevitable because of children, jobs or other activities we value.

LetsTalkSex.net has investigated our sexual routines and how covid19 has affected it in 2020. To do this, a survey of 2544 people aged 19 to 65 was carried out, alongside individual research into sex habits.

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So what’s the most common time to have sex? It’s 7pm apparently.

And while quarantine has forced many people to stay at home this time has slowly been gearing down towards the beginning of the day.

What Time We Have Sex? 7PM Apparently

The research by LetsTalkSex.net has revealed that 34.2% of people have sex most often between 6pm and 8pm. We generally prefer to wait after work to spend intimate time with our loved ones.

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And it’s not all, 76% of survey respondents believe that covid19 has disrupted their routine and they tend to have sex earlier in the day now.

It seems that while 64% of men prefer to have sex in the morning (this is not surprising since testosterone’s level are naturally higher in the morning), 78% of women prefer to have sex in the afternoon or evening.

Rose 31: I think most women can agree that in the evening it’s better. I like to have a bath after work, put some perfume and feel good in my skin.

James 27: I like it in the morning. As soon as I wake up I’m ready to go and get to the office in a good mood.

Julia 25: My fiancée sends me naughty messages during the day, and I can’t wait to get back home from work…

Robert 36: I honestly don’t like having sex in the morning. I get tired and all day I feel tired. Maybe if you have sex for 2 minutes, it’s fine. But me and my wife really go at it and after we are exhausted. Now go to work like that…

Noemi 32: I remember when we started living together… we always found the time to have sex in the morning before university… Now we mostly do it after work or right in the middle of the night…

Almost half (45.2%) of survey respondents stated that their sex time is dictated by their work/study schedule, this means they prefer to have sex after work hours but not too late at night so to sleep enough to be fresh at work on the following day.

More than a third (39.4%) of participants claim that on weekend the hours shift towards the earlier part of the day, while 13.3% of participants claim to double it up to both earlier and later as well.

Survey Results

– At what time of the day do you have sex most often?

    • 00 – 02 10.9%
    • 02 – 04 8.3%
    • 04 – 06 2.3%
    • 06 – 08 16.6%
    • 08 – 10 1.2%
    • 10 – 12 0.5%
    • 12 – 14 0.4%
    • 14 – 16 1.1%
    • 16 – 18 1.8%
    • 18 – 20 34.2%
    • 20 – 22 14.6%
    • 22 – 24 8.1%

 – Has Covid19 and quarantine affected your sex habits?

    • Yes 76%
    • No 24%

– Which factors influence your sex time the most (Pick as many as apply)

    • Our work/university/gym schedule 45.2%
    • My partner’s desire 32%
    • My children 12%
    • My roommates 10.8%

– If you could choose one time of the day, without work restrictions, what would you choose?


    • Morning 64%
    • Afternoon/Evening 36%


    • Morning 22%
    • Afternoon/Evening 78%

– How does your habit change over weekends and holidays?

    • It doesn’t change 24%
    • We have sex earlier than during the week 39.4%
    • We have sex later than during the week 24.3%
    • We have sex both earlier and then again later 13.3%
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