Geisha Balls Review: For Kegel Exercises and Tone

This week, we’re talking about Geisha Balls from Fun Toys, and at first glance, this does not necessarily seem like the sexiest toy around. As a matter of fact, as I found after a little bit of research, this is not a sex toy at all, but instead is a health device, though it happens to be one that is very much associated with sex and good times!

Fun Toys’ Geisha Balls are designed for Kegel exercises, where objects are inserted into the vagina and then used to tighten the pelvic floor. As it turns out, Geisha Balls are excellent for their designated purpose, and they have a hidden sexy side as well.

Simple Packaging, No Frills

I wasn’t even aware that I was getting a new toy to test out, so when the package showed up at my door, I had no idea what it was. I couldn’t tell it was something sexual at all until I noted that Fun Toys was listed on the packaging slip, so well done there! This is not a box that you would be nervous about receiving in the mail at all.

geisha balls packaging

Plain brown packaging with a quality assurance seal all the way around it.

When I got through the brown paper packaging, I was delighted as always to see that Fun Toys put as much care into its packaging of the Geisha Balls as it did with the GVibe, the last Fun Toys product I reviewed. The box opened up to reveal a foam bed with four balls nestled inside, two of which were held in a silicone harness. Pulling the red ribbon tab revealed a set of instructions and a handy bag for holding the toys if you don’t want to keep them in the box.

Geisha Balls

Pretty packaging opens to reveal the Geisha Balls, harnessed and ready to go.

The Basics: Balls and a Harness, No Silicone Lube Please!

The balls are made out of ABS plastic, which is a body safe material, and the harness that cradles the balls is made out of silicone, which is very non-reactive. Because the harness is made out of silicone, make sure that you use a water-based lube with the Geisha Balls, as a silicone lube will make the harness degrade very quickly.

At the end of the day, we are looking at a very simple device here. The Geisha Balls ancestor was basically balls on a string, but with a little bit of forethought and interesting design, we can see how much you can improve on a basic idea.

Geisha balls basic design

One ball popped out to show off the harness. No need to worry about slippage!

With this toy, instead of being stuck with a certain weight for the balls, you can use the silicone harness to lock the balls into place on the string. Thanks to the flexibility and strength of the silicone, the balls feel very secure in their placement.

Function First: Easy Ball Interchangeability

When looking at the Geisha Balls, one of the best features is the interchangeability of the balls. All four balls are of different weights, with the heaviest ball having the deepest, darkest color and the lightest ball having the palest shade. You can mix and match the balls in any combination on the harness, and Fun Toys even gives you an excellent conversion guide.

conversion guide geisha balls

This is the handy conversion chart, along with a few tips from Fun Toys on how to use them.

If you are using this toy for it’s benefits with regards Kegel exercises, this is an invaluable option. You can get a wide range of weights simply by using four balls in different combinations.

Insertion: Not Hard, but Not Easy, Either!

Getting the two lightest balls into the harness was as easy as pie, but after that, I started having some issues. I am a big believer in the power of lube, but even though I slathered tons onto the balls, I had a tough time inserting even the first one. It was impossible while I was lying down, and I only had some success when I stood up and propped one leg up on a stool.

The balls are not large, but something about the unyielding nature of the hard plastic was simply not initially compatible with my body. I was uninterested in forcing the matter (seriously, don’t do that, it hurts and it’s counterproductive), so I ended up working almost ten minutes to get both balls in. Once they were in, however, they were definitely staying in and I started to walk around. I believe that this may be anatomy-dependent, however, so my experience should not stop you!

Testing It All Out: Discreet, Useful and Fun

Even with the two lightest balls, I could absolutely feel the weight. The balls are hollow with a weight that rolls around inside them, and whenever you move, it causes a subtle vibration to go through you. At first I was startled, but soon I got used to it. If you are someone who wants to use the Geisha Balls every day, I could absolutely see where that vibration could be slightly addictive.

I walked around with the balls inside for about fifteen minutes, as recommended by the instructions, and then I got the fun of removing them. Though they are well-shaped, these balls are not small, and the sensation of them popping out is enjoyable on its own.

Geisha balls

The two heaviest balls. You can get an idea of their size here.

After trying the two lightest balls one day, I waited for a day and tried to the two heaviest. I noticed right away the difference in the weight, and though this was enjoyable in a different way, I removed them quickly.

As it turns out, using the heaviest balls is something to work up to, so if I continue to use these balls in the future, that is something to keep in mind.

Utterly Quiet, Totally Discreet

When I first held the Geisha Balls, I was worried that they would make noise because of the weight inside. However, when I had the toy itself in, I realized that it was completely quiet.

You can wear the Geisha Balls as you wander around doing your chores, and you could even leave the house with them in if you wished to do so. The loop on the end of the silicone cord makes retrieval a breeze, and when you are wearing it, the loop is easily hidden by your underwear.

Sexing It Up: Masturbating With Geisha Balls In Is Fantastic!

So as a medical health product, Geisha Balls are definitely at the top of the line, but how do they stack up when it comes to fun?

Later on, I had the two lightest balls in, and after I got used to them, I got to work with my favorite toy, an Ina 2 Lelo vibrator. Clitoral stimulation plus the fullness of the balls was amazing, and though I forgot that pulling the balls out at the point of climax is said to enhance the sensation, I am definitely going to remember next time!

Having the Geisha Balls inserted during clitoral stimulation is loads of fun, as the movement of the weights within the balls is very pleasurable. If you are someone who likes a lot of sensation, this is absolutely fabulous use for this device.

instructions geisha balls

This system is very easy to handle, and once the balls are in, they are not going anywhere.

Sensation: Smooth and Perfect

It’s actually pretty hard to imagine an improvement on this design. Looking back, I think that being a little more relaxed before inserting the Geisha Balls would have made a lot of things easier. Masturbating before insertion would be fun, and I could even see pushing them and pulling them out as a fantastic form of foreplay.

No Anal

I’m a little disappointed that this toy can’t be used for anal stimulation. The harness system is great, but the rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t put any changeable mobile toys like this in your rear.

Such a shame, because that would be tons of fun, but be safe, and find other toys for that purpose. The Geisha Balls are purely for vaginal use, and don’t you forget it!

Partner Play

It would be wonderfully sensual to have your partner insert this toy and then to pull it out slowly, ball by ball, as you approached climax. Some dominants might get a kick out of their sub wearing this entirely discreet toy out for a quiet dinner.

As it is, I would suggest combining it with other toys rather than making it the main event.

Summing Up: Innovative and Thorough!

If you are looking for a device that will give your pelvic floor a thorough workout, the Geisha Balls from Fun Toys absolutely do the job!

I would recommend these toys first for health reasons, and second for sensual play, but the sensual play possibilities are very high. Get creative with this toy and have some fun with it!

detail geisha ball

Have a closer look at one of the balls. The pink’s a lovely color.

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