Vimax Extender Review – Don’t Buy this Penis Extender Unless…

Update: We no longer recommend this penis extender. The company disappeared and it became unresponsive. Do NOT buy this. I will keep the review below, just for memory.

Read this instead for a list of the best penis extenders right now.

Full Vimax Extender Review

One thing to keep in mind when reading this Vimax Extender review is the price of this device, which is currently $99.95 (plus a shipping fee which I suppose depends on where you live, check this page to find out the rate that applies to you).

Vimax Extender’s low price is probably one of the main reasons why you are reading this review, but if it’s not, if you are millionaire or if you can afford to pay 3-4 times Vimax Extender’s price, don’t be stingy dude! There are better (more complete) penis extenders out there. But if you are on a budget, got lots of expenses or if you live in a country where with $300 you can buy a house, Vimax Extender may be your best bet.

Let’s start from the beginning, and keeping the price in mind let’s take a look at this minimalistic, simple and practical penis extender called Vimax.

Vimax Extender at a Glance

Price: $99.95 + shipping fee

Support: Phone, chat and email. Ask them any question on this page.

Full Vimax Extender Review

Vimax anonymous package

Anonymous package: Vimax Extender got delivered in an anonymous package which did not disclose its content. Privacy is important for everybody and they know it.

Vimax Extender was delivered in an anonymous package.

As you can see in the picture above there is a lot of stuff written on the package but believe it or not, none of them actually discloses the content of the box, they are mostly numbers, codes, addresses and this sort of things. So if privacy is a concern for you, that shouldn’t be a problem when you buy Vimax Extender.

It is also true that we have reviewed many sex toys and have always received anonymous deliveries, always. I guess nowadays this is not an issue anymore, but if it’s the first time you buy something “sexual” online it’s normal to have some concerns.

Well, take a look at the Vimax Extender’s package I received, and I guess you’ll get something similar.

Inside the envelop containing Vimax

Discovering Vimax Extender: I was surprised by seeing how small the box is, but it did arrive in great conditions considering I am in Australia and it was shipped from the other side of the world!

If you have never seen a penis extender before, they are pretty small toys, so you would expect them to get delivered in small boxes, still this is not always the case. Most companies fill their packaging with bonuses or display the extender’s parts in a way that takes a lot of space so that it looks like you are getting a lot more…

My Vimax Extender’s experience was different. This extender came in a honest tiny package optimized to take just the necessary amount of space, nothing more.

Great Things Come in Small Packages

Carton case of the Vimax extender

Nice and simple: I have seen cooler cases, no doubts with that, but Vimax Extender is not about appearance. To keep costs down, they have probably cut on the case which comes in carton material.

The case containing the Vimax Extender is made of carton material, which is indeed not the most beautiful thing to see, but again, Vimax Extender is all about practicality and use and not about appearance. This spartan, fluff-free approach is what makes Vimax different in the penis extenders market and most people love them for this reason.

vimax next to sizegenetics and phallosan forte

Tiny Box: Compared to SizeGenetics and Phallosan Forte, Vimax Extender’s box looks tiny. It’s also true that everybody knows “great things come in small packages!”

Open Vimax Extender and Discover the Goods

This was actually a surprise. I knew Vimax Extender was going to be “minimalistic” so I didn’t expect to find a nice black bag to store the device. Of course we are not talking about high-end materials for the bag, but considering it was an added unexpected bonus, that was a nice find.

Inside the Vimax

Everything inside: When you open Vimax Extender’s container you’ll find only device, instruction and bag for storage.

The round base, metal bars, silicon tubes and everything else is wrapped up in plastic bags and at the bottom of them there is a very simple user guide with instructions and suggestions. As I say in the video, they actually sent me two identical user-guides… it probably was a mistake, but anyways this is why you see them displayed next to each other on my bed (they are both in English).

All parts of Vimax Extender exposed

Vimax Extender on display: From left to right – Instructions (I got two leaflets… don’t know why), round base and support, case, metal bars, storing bag and silicon tubes.

Mounting a “classic” penis extender like Vimax is much easier to understand when you hold one in your hands than simply watching a video or reading the instructions.

vimax extender mounted in my hand

Very light: I’m holding the Vimax Extender. It’s easy to mount and set up. The round base on the left goes towards your body, while the silicone band on the right surrounds your glans.

Wearing Vimax Extender for the First Time

When I first opened Vimax Extender’s case and I discovered the only support mode for my glans was the silicone tube, I thought: “this extender is not going to be very comfortable” but I was wrong. Surprisingly enough for the (short) time I have been wearing Vimax Extender it was comfortable just like more expensive penis stretchers out there.

When I tried it on it felt just like any other extender I have tried, basically like stretching, like if somebody is pulling your penis gently.

Vimax extender close up

Vimax Extender close up: It’s hard to spot much of a difference from more expensive penis extenders, but there is some. Probably the materials used for the metal bars are not top quality even though they seem to work.

You may want to start gradually by using a very low 600g traction for the first month.

How do you get this traction? Simple. Adjust the length of the extender to 4cm less than the length of your erect penis.
For the second month you use 800g traction, then 1000g for the third month and so on…

Of course after you buy it read the instructions and find out exactly how to use it.

Vimax Extender’s Money Back Guarantee

Vimax Extender comes with a 6 month money back guarantee which is a lot.
It is true that also the SizeGenetics has the same money back guarantee, but they only have it on the most expensive device, not on the cheapest one. This probably means that people behind the Vimax Extender are pretty confident about this device.

Would you give 6 months money back guarantee if you were not confident about your product? I bet you wouldn’t.

Like always, read terms and conditions to have more details about their refund policy.

Vimax Extender Review: The Bottom Line

If you can afford it, there are better extenders on the market, like Phallosan Forte, PeniMaster or SizeGenetics. But if you really can’t then the Vimax Extender may positively surprise you and give you the solid results (penis) you’re after.

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