20 Best Sex Toys for Couples – Beginners, Intermediate and Sexperts

Listed below the 20 best sex toys for couples that need some inspiration to keep their sex life going. If you like me hate introductions, just skip it.


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Using sex toys during sex (vibrators for example) makes things more fun, it’s healthy and goddamn does it feel good! If you’re here looking for a little extra something then this is the list for you, I’ve broken it right down below… Here is how:

In toys for beginners I’ve listed the best sex toys for beginner couples (and I mean like never really touched a sex toy in your life beginners).

A step up you’ll find toys for those who are more experienced and want to ramp up the heat a little higher.

Finally, under the expert section you’ll find the best sex toys for couples that want to blow each other’s minds and crush their filthiest sexiest limits…

don’t wanna read the whole article are my top 3 toys from each user level. Scroll down for the complete list.

Beginner couplesBeaded Anal Pleasure WandNon-threatening for a lovely anal massage
Screaming O The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock RingMake him last longer, great on the clit
Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark Green Vibrator Molding KitVibrating glow in the dark dildo based on your favorite dick? Perfection
Intermediate couplesSuper Jelly Realistic Double DildoDouble the dildo, double the fun
Helping your man to find that Super O
A&E Vibrating Penis Sleeve KitSensual textures and vibrations to jazz up your cock
Advanced couplesInflatable Butt PlugSee how far you can stretch your limits
Fetish Fantasy SwingSo you can be that flying sex god/goddess you know you are!
KinkLab Neon Wand Electrosex KitFind that spark and electrify your sex lives!

Best Sex Toys For Couples (Beginners)

These toys are for those looking to mix it up, just a little bit. Maybe you’ve never picked up a toy before, maybe the concept is a little scary? Well, these toys are all cute as a button, easy to use and bound to have you looking for more, quicker than you can say OH.

1) Screaming O The Ohare Double Vibrating Rabbit Cock Ring

Even if you’ve never picked up a toy in your life you’ll have heard rumors and whispers of the joys of vibrators. The Ohare is a perfect way for you and your partner to try dipping your toes in the water. Simply slip the loops over the balls and the shaft and be sure the rabbit ears are in a good position to make her moan. The ring vibrates to send shivery pulses up the shaft as well as sensual vibes for clitoral stimulation. It’s pretty cheap and comes with extra batteries, which last up to 45 minutes. This toy is a classic and a great way to spice up your lives!

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screaming o the ohare double vibrating rabbit cock ring

2) A&E Booty Bliss Vibrating Beads

This wand is flexible for any position you could desire as well as supplying sensual vibrations. It is 6 inches in length… but it’s up to you and your partner how much you wish to insert. These anal beads graduate from a ¼ inch to 1 inch wide so nothing too threatening, just a gentle, sexy, anal massage. The tip is smooth for easy insertion and so with enough lube you’ll be ready to get probing. Once you think you’re comfortable with that you can choose from one of the 7 vibrating functions and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Perfect for introducing your partner to anal play and getting them trained up for full-on penetration.

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ae booty bliss vibrating beads

3) Toy Two

The enigmatically named Toy Two is a simple toy yet incredibly smart in design. The Toy Two fits over your fingers to extend them, use this on your lady to have better access to the G spot so you can send her screaming over the edge! The toy is 6 inches long and slightly curved to give some serious reach, it’s made of 100% silicon and comes in black and violet. Try it male on female or female on female, the Toy Two is incredibly easy to use. Just be sure to always clean your toys before and after play.

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toy two

4) Clone-A-Willy Glow In The Dark Green Vibrator Molding Kit

Okay, so the clone-a-willy kit sounds like a joke, novelty gift but think about how much fun it can be: first you get to spend a hot night keeping your man hard as you make the mold and then afterwards it can be used for double penetration. You get to have a copy of your favorite penis and it even vibrates! I’m pretty sure that’s everyone’s dream? Right? The kit comes in an array of colors but I prefer the glow in the dark one, that way it makes it harder to lose and it’s perfect for Halloween. Your penis clone only needs one AA battery and you’re good to go for some double trouble, just don’t tell your partner if you prefer the fake. Well, they do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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clone a willy glow in the dark green vibrator molding kit

5) The Us vibrator

This is great for couples or for use alone, the main allure is its flexibility. It can be used to hit both the G spot and the clitoris at the same time, it’s also small enough so that it can be worn during sex. Just think of all the gorgeous vibrations and pleasure it can bring you and your partner during penetration! It’s just over 6 inches long, made of silicon and also waterproof which means shower time just got even better. The Us vibrator is best used with water based lubricant and recharges using USB, it looks so sleek you won’t even feel embarrassed leaving it out on display.

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us dual motor vibrator

6) Foreplay Ice Chill

Temperature play is an exciting way to add that gasp factor to the bedroom, you can use it anywhere on your partner to make them scream! The Foreplay Ice Chill is a massager, before use you fill the removable base with water and leave it in the freezer until solidly frozen. The bases are even interchangeable to give different icy textures and the vibrator has 3 different speeds, it can also be removed from its icy silicon shell which is totally waterproof, this means that you really get your money’s worth. The thought of all that ice melting onto hot skin is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine!

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foreplay ice chill massager

7) Tongue Dinger

Let’s face it: oral is amazing and definitely makes my world go around! This little vibrator is cheap and cheerful but bound to enhance your sex into some seriously hot stuff. The tongue dinger attaches securely to the tongue to make it vibrate. So just stick it on your tongue and prepare to lick someone to the orgasm of their life! The batteries inside last 40 minutes but it can be turned on and off unlike the Touch Plus. This means that you have complete control over those 40 minutes of pleasure and how you use them. It was even chosen as vibrator of the year 2007.

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tongue dinger

Best Sex Toys For Couples (Intermediate Level)

This selection of toys is for those who are familiar with the vibrator and all its many uses and want something with just a bit more oomph. These toys are better, faster and stronger to give the two of you nights that you’ll never forget.

8) Tempo

Glorious in stainless steel, this beautiful butt plug is ideal for both men and women. Use copious amounts of water based lubricant, you really can’t use too much, no, seriously. It has an insertable length of 3 and ¾ inches, the widest knob is 7/8 of an inch meaning this plug isn’t too threatening for those new to anal play. Insertion is meant to be glorious so imagine how good sex will be with it inside of you, not too mention how hot it’ll look. The difference between the tempo and other toys on the market is that you don’t force insertion, you pull in the toy using your own muscular contractions. You’re in control and this will bring some of the strongest orgasms you can imagine.

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aneros tempo

9) Size Matters Vaginal Pump

This is a pump for the labia, use this to tantalize, torture and tease your lady. The pump creates added sensitivity to the labia and makes them tingle, this means that any other play afterwards will have a much greater impact. Be sure to use lube around the lip of the suction cup to create a tight seal. The sucker is generally one size fits all and measures 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. It’s translucent so you can see what’s going on as you tease your lady to sensitive new heights which all helps to add to the thrill, she’ll thank you, trust me.

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size matters vaginal pump

10) Aneros Helix Syn

A rigid frame covered in silicon this is perfect for couples interested in chasing multiple male orgasms (referred to as the super O). Non-threatening and oh-so-sleek looking this Aneros sex toy is 1 and 1/16 of an inch at its widest part, this means that even for the backdoor virgin this should be easily manageable. This can be used by men or women and will add a further layer of intensity to sex if you have it it, believe me. Remember that anything is possible with liberal amounts of water based lubricant. Keep this in during sex for a way more intense experience and remember that this toy is supposed to be hands free: you maneuver it using your own muscles giving you full control.

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aneros helix syn

11) Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand

This wand is made of Latex and is 9 and a ½ inches long. This mean that you can use it to indulge in your wildest anal fantasies, it’s got a big handle which is useful when you’re covered in lube, it’ll be much easier to keep a hold of! Perfect for those who like to watch their partners get stretched and probed. You can even use this to help your partner with anal or vaginal training. The way the beads grow in size is amazing, sometimes you buy a toy of a certain size and it just doesn’t quite scratch that itch and fill that hole but with this baby being 1 and ¼ inches across at its widest that won’t be an issue.

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jelly fun flex anal wand

12) Super Jelly Realistic Double Dildo

This bad boy is in the intermediate section because of its girth! 17 inches long and 1 and ½ inches in girth this bad boy will fill you and your partner right up though you may need a little practice if the backdoor is your favored area. Although super flexible the dildo is rigid enough to please everyone. The veiny shaft and realistic heads give tons of texture to help ensure you have a delightfully bumpy ride. Warm this dildo to body temperature or keep it cooler for a more exciting experience for you and your partner and as always use tons of lube!

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jelly realistic double dildo

13) A&E Vibrating Penis Sleeve Kit

Ignore the A&E part, British readers, this kit is for pleasure not pain. These 5 wonderfully textured sleeves will thrill any partner, a variety of swirls, dots and bumps give an extra O factor when you penetrate your partner. Alongside the pleasure nubs and scrubbers each of the 5-inch-long sleeves have a holster for a mini vibrator to make her hungry clitoris purr. The sleeves come in clear and a smoky grey color giving them a fairly classy look in my opinion (though they might not be a great centerpiece for a family dinner).

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vibrating penis sleeve kit

Best Sex Toys For Couples (Sexperts)

These toys aren’t for the faint of heart! These are chosen to push you both to your absolute limits and beyond. These toys are the biggest and baddest of them all so be sure to approach them with a measure of caution and a gallon of lube.

14) Bal(l)zac Balldildo

Some people shudder in horror at the idea of electricity while others shiver with anticipation, ultimately don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Electrify your sex life and try playing with electro stimulation! This wand is about 10 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. Torture your partner with some spark by inserting this either anally or vaginally with each ball adding to the sensation which is bound to shock them into a quivering orgasm. The wand can also be used without the electricity to bring an evening of fun for you and your partner.

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bal-l-zac balldildo

15) Inflatable Butt Plug

This cute little butt plug is for those who want a real challenge. Sorry did I say cute and little? Well only to start with! This baby starts off at 6 and ½ inch circumference but with a few pumps will inflate up to 13 and ½ inches in circumference. This means it’s really great for your partner to help you with both anal and vaginal training so you can learn to take the full load that you deserve! Of course, your partner can quickly give you a release by turning the easy metal valve so that the plug can deflate and if you can manage keeping this baby inside of you during penetration then I bet it’s mind-blowing!

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inflatable butt plug

16) The World’s Biggest Vibrating Dildo

Although this could easily be used alone, you’ll want your partner there to hold your hand! This dildo is 15 inches long and comes with 2 vibrating motors built in. This means all 3 inches of the girth vibrate all the way from the head down to the gorgeous veiny balls! Perfect for vagina training for the most adventurous girl while your partner can take control or look on with pride and watch you squirm as you try to take all of its great length! Honestly, the thought of all that stretching and vibrating is enough to make anyone wet!

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world biggest vibrating dildo

17) Fetish Fantasy Swing

It may be time in your relationship for you to take your sex to new heights! This is really great for those with mobility issues or for couples with a big height difference. If you’re looking for a new adventure a sex swing brings out endless possibilities like standing doggy, aerial oral and anything else your dark, depraved imagination can desire. The swing screws into a ceiling beam or into a door frame and has a back support, butt support and leg supports and can be adjusted to any height. You won’t be an immediate in the air sexpert but half the fun of a sex swing is all the practice!

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fetish fantasy swing

18) Aneros Progasm

This prostate massager is not for the faint of hearted! Stunning in shiny white medical grade plastic, this is made for those who are serious about their prostate. The 4 inch insertable length helps to massage the prostate whilst the external knob stimulates the perineum. Watch your partner get the O of his life and spoil him rotten with this toy, bound to make sex more intense not just for him but for you as well. Just remember you’re going to need a butt load of lube to make this monster comfortable. Watch our personal Aneros Progasm review.

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aneros progasm

19) Double Delight Strap-On

Now a lot of women I know wonder what it would be like to be a man for the day, well, this strap on allows you to fuck your partner as well as being penetrated yourself, you can do the thrusting and let’s face it, it’s going to be a real visual feast too! This can be used girl on girl or girl on guy and the 7 inches are rippled and textured meaning it’s going to be a real treat for the both of you. The rubber is shaped to hit the g spot so you can send both yourself and your partner into a jaw dropping climax.

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double delight strap on

20) KinkLab Neon Wand Electrosex Kit

This kit is for more sensual use than for that zapping feeling. It has different settings for intensity from a delightful tingling up to a more intense hum that may be slightly painful for those not used to electro play. This is perfect for those who want to be tied down and tortured by their master. The different heads that come with the kit allow for a wide variety of stimulation which means that you and your partner can explore all sorts of kinky avenues. The cable is 8-foot-long meaning that you have more freedom in your play and the wands come in either purple or red which helps set the mood for your session.

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kinklab neon wand electrosex kit

Final Thoughts

This list has aimed to include all kinds of sex toys for all kinds of sexy couples. Of course, if you have more experience in some areas than others that’s fine, you might be inexperienced in anal play but an expert in electro stimulation so feel free to mix and match from different levels.

Just be sure to always use lots of lube, water based is best for most toys and easier for clean up. Using condoms with your toys will not only keep you safe but once you’re finished you can simply remove them and BOOM, no mess.

But remember, you should still wash your toys often, preferably before and after use. Now go forth, spice up your lives and have lots of fun!

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