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When you are a guy who loves guys, you are probably already familiar with Fleshjack, the most ridiculously varied selections of male masturbators, plugs, prostate massagers and other male-centric toys on the entire web.

    Top 3 Picks

  1. Ice Jack Transparent self-love.
  2. Flight Compact and sleek for the man on the go.
  3. Endurance Jack Train to last longer.

This Fleshjack review and shopping guide is going to point you towards the Fleshjack toys that you personally can’t do without. We’ve all got different tastes when we hop in the sack, and there’s no need to buy a metric ton of toys (unless you want to, of course).

If you are reading the wrong article and were looking for Fleshlight instead, here is my Fleshlight review.

Introduction to Fleshjack

For the discriminating male buyer, Fleshjack produces sleeve and case sets which are usually simply called Fleshjacks, spare sleeves, upgrades to the basic Fleshjack, and a fairly hilarious but sexy set of novelty toys.

To get started with your shopping experience, we’re going to talk about the individual Fleshjacks that have made the company famous before moving on to the properties of the different sleeves, the upgrades and the dildos in question.

Below this list you’ll find three tables which will help you in your decision making. Have fun choosing!

Fleshjack Review

When you are not sure what you want to get, we would recommend starting with one of these Fleshjacks. These are popular for a very good reason, and you can start simple and get as fancy as you like.

The Legendary Ice Jack

Your cock is presented in crystal clear and magnified detail when you use the Ice Jack. This Fleshjack comes in your choice of sleeve type, but the sleeve and the case both are fantastically transparent, allowing you to see yourself as you stroke off.


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For the guy who can’t get enough of seeing himself, this toy is the best! The Ice Jack is best in the hands of a man whose got nothing to hide, and takes the love part of self-love really seriously. This is on the higher end of the Fleshjack price range; after all, you are paying for crystal clarity. Here’s our video review of its Fleshlight counterpart, the Fleshlight ICE.


This Fleshjack is perfect for the discreet traveling man. Instead of being shaped like a mouth or an anus, the orifice presented is a lot more subtle. The Flight itself is a little smaller, the case is sleek, and you have a choice between the Pilot sleeve, which is nubby and textured, and the Instructor sleeve, which is smooth all the way through.


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The Flight is one of the least expensive Fleshjacks around, but it’s definitely still a highly functional, high quality toy. The name of the game for the Flight is discretion. Maybe you’re a little shy about trotting out your toys, or maybe you’re just a guy who likes to keep things classy. In either case, this is the Fleshjack for you.

Endurance Jack

Endurance Jack is your friend when your boyfriend looks a little disappointed after you finish. This toy is designed to mimic the real sensation of anal sex.


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Use it to beef up your endurance and to have a lot of fun when you practice! Some guys see the Endurance Jack as a training tool. Use it for tons of sexy practice, or just have some fun with the Fleshjack option that is designed to feel like the real thing.


Vibro is called Fleshjack’s next generation of toy, and it’s hard to disagree. A unique texture in the sleeve transmits the vibrations straight to your cock, and they feel it’s going to see so much wear, they throw in a 10 pack of batteries.


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Perfect for the guy who wants more sensation… and then more than that. The vibration isn’t tooth-jarring, but you will absolutely feel it. Choose this when you’re a sensation junkie or when you are a top with a bottom who loves to be overwhelmed. This is a great toy for partner play. This is absolutely a luxury toy and priced to match.

Sex in a Can [unavailable]

Feel like you’ve always left your toys out whenever company comes to call? Get away from that fear with Sex in a Can, which is a Fleshjack that looks like a tall aluminum soda can. Each can style has a different specialty.


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Cherry Pop is for guys that like a tight ride, Banana Cream is perfect for guys who like oral action, and Gape Soda is for the top who likes a well-prepared bottom! Sex in a Can is only a little more pricey than the Flight, making it a very affordable option. Do you have a sense of humor and feel that a good friend needs a laugh? Do you want to hide things in plain sight and laugh about them afterward? This is the toy for you.


If you’re a guy who likes to get a good grip on what’s at hand, you need Fleshjack’s Sword. It uses the same sleeve material as the other toys, but the case is soft, compressing in your hand and letting you add a little personal texture to the experience.


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The Sword is on the lower end of the price spectrum, but still a high quality toy. We’ve noticed that the guys who seem drawn to the Sword are the ones who have made jerking off into an art. They are the dedicated guys who never think that anything is quite as good as their own hand, and they may be right! The Sword gives you control while still making use of the Fleshjack’s impressive technology.

Fleshjack Boys

When you want a little personality with your Fleshjack experience or you have a real hard-on for a specific star, check out Fleshjack Boys. This series is actually molded from the stars’ anatomy, and if you like the personal touch, this is the line for you!


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We recommend the Fleshjack Boys series for guys who want a face to go with the jerk-off fantasy. Maybe you’re a little lonely and are looking for something a little more meaningful, or maybe you just want to get nasty with Spencer Reed or Donny Wright!

Build Your Own

Do you want something plain, simple and suited perfectly to your needs? Build your own Fleshjack, starting with the color, going through to the orifice type, and choosing the texture. If you want a basic no-frills Fleshjack, the Build Your Own option is the perfect choice.


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If we’re going to be perfectly blunt, this is the toy that is designed for the control freak. Do you need everything just so if you are going to even come close to orgasm? This is the toy. Interestingly, we’ve also seen that this is the best toy around for engineering types, those who love to put things together in new and interesting ways!

Experience Level

No experience needed on any of these babies. There’s something gratifyingly simple about the Fleshjack toys. Basically, it’s plug and play. No customer too large and none to small, and as long as you know what you like, you can pick up any of these and go.

What Fleshjack Do I Want?

Now we’re getting down to a matter of personal preference, and we don’t mind saying that it’s all up to you. However, whether you just want a little hint towards the investment you should be making, let us lend a hand. Find yourself on the chart below, and have some fun doing some shopping.

You need:If you are:
1. Ice JackA guy who loves and is turned on by the sight of his own cock. You may be a narcissist, but you know that you're worth it.
2. FlightSomeone who loves class, elegance, and style, or who travels a lot. It's also great for a guy who likes to keep it classy!
3. Endurance JackReady for a workout or would like to last longer in bed. Don't be embarrassed, all of that “practice” is going to be fun!
4. VibroA sensation junkie! The vibrations get intense! This is also one of the best Fleshjacks around for partner play; a real top never gets enough of bringing his sub close to orgasm... and then flipping the switch off!
5. Sex in A CanLiving with someone who doesn't want to see your toys, like leaving your toys in plain sight, or like a laugh. Makes a great gag gift, too!
6. SwordSomeone who likes a firm grip while he jerks off, likes softer textures to rigid textures. Perfect for the guy who thinks that no toy is going to be as good as his hand.
7. Fleshjack BoysAre imagining someone specific, or like a personal touch. Sometimes, you just want a face to go with the fantasy, and if so, this is the series for you.
8. Build Your OwnInterested in a basic model or a bit of a control freak. Great for engineer types and other guys who only trust the things that they themselves put together.

Orifices and Sleeves!

To understand how Fleshjack sleeves work, you need to know that there are two different factors in play. There are the orifices and the sleeve textures. The three orifices include Bottom (anus), Mouth (oral) and Jackass (buttocks). These don’t make an enormous amount of difference in sensation, but they can add a bit to the imagination. All of the sleeve textures below come in all three of the orifices.

(It is worth noting that the Endurance Jack and Flight come with a unique Pure orifice as well, which is a smooth undifferentiated hole. They say it’s more subtle, but we’re pretty sure that anyone looking at it knows exactly what it’s for!)


You can check out all of the sleeves at the link above, but let us give you a brief run down for each one.

Sleeve:Buy if you like:
OriginalNo frills. This is Fleshjack's best selling sleeve. Half a million customers can't be wrong!
Super TightIncredible grip. If you're bigger around, be prepared for a struggle.
Wonder WaveSubtle ripples. Great for frenulum sensation.
Super RibbedLots of sensation. All of it!
VortexSubtle suction and lots of variety when you shorten or lengthen your stroke.
Speed BumpReally tight, massage-like sensation.

Fleshjack Upgrades and Beyond

What’s the fun of a great toy if you can’t upgrade it? Whether you’re the kind of guy who loves gadgets all around or you just find the sleeve setup too dull for words, check out the upgrades that are offered by Fleshjack for your preferred pleasure!

Shower Mount

Who doesn’t love a good clean wank in the shower? The Shower Mount gets you off while the steam rises all around you, and even better, the powerful suction cup sticks hard to a tile wall to ensure that you can get off entirely hands free!


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This upgrade is absolutely for the guy who doesn’t feel like doing a lot of work even when he’s getting off in the shower. Here’s our Fleshlight Shower Mount review.

Phone Strap

Okay, we’ve all been there. There’s a point when you’ve got both hands on the equipment, and you’re trying to juggle a laptop or tablet at the same time. If lube’s involved, your chances of a really embarrassing call to tech support are doubled!


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To make sure that you can jack off in peace, check out Fleshjack’s thigh-mounted phone strap. The elastic band stretches around your thigh and gives you a spot to put your phone or small tablet. This is for the guy who’s focused on getting the job done, and who coincidentally loves a lot of visual stimulation!

Top Dog Mount

When only doggy style will do! The Top Dog Mount is one of those amazingly simple, amazingly effective upgrades that seem like common sense after you see them. This padded mount has a slot for you to slide in your favorite Fleshjack, angling it perfectly for you to take your position.


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This is the upgrade for aggressive guys, guys who love to be on top, and guys who have a vivid imagination about who they want underneath them!


Like the Phone Strap, the Launchpad is another upgrade that’s designed to keep your viewing material front and center, or, in this case, should we say front and right beneath you. If you want a versatile upgrade, this is it. It’s a dual mount for your sleeve and for your tablet at once, essentially turning your Fleshjack into a viewing device as you go to town.


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We’re excited about this for a few reasons. You can use it to really ‘engage’ with your point of view porn, or you can activate that webcam and have a hot session with a long-distance friend. This is for a guy who wants his upgrades as interactive as possible, or a guy who’s looking to reach out.

9. Shower MountShower fun. Best for a guy who loves taking it easy and getting clean at the same time.
10. Phone StrapA steady ride. Perfect for the detail oriented guy with a lot of focus on getting the job done right.
11. Top Dog MountAwesome positioning. Ideal for the man who has to be on top no matter what!
12. Launch Pad Interactive fun and POV positioning. Great for the gadget guy who wants to be right up in the action, and for the guy with the long-distance lover.


When you name an entire product line Freaks, you’re really not starting small. These are novelty insertable toys that are all made out of high-grade silicone. They may seem a little pricey if you’re used to toys from a sex shop, but the increase in material quality is worth it.


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None of these toys are what you would call sized for the beginner. You can work your way up to these guys, but unless you are anal-experienced, work with a smaller toy beforehand. Below, check out our review guide for a quick who’s who on the Freaks.

13. Zombie Dildo85.75Enormous balls, satisfying dead gray color. For the Walking Dead fan who thinks that Rick Grimes could get a little more close and personal with the stiffs.
14. Cyborg Dildo7.55.5Sleek look, pointed tip, mild ridging on shaft. You're a guy who loves his toys high-tech. Tony Stark is your role model, and if your dildo looked any more high-tech, it would have an AI.
15. Alien Dildo7.55.5Smooth, sleek and bright, bright blue. Did you get turned on watching Avatar? Choose this dildo and dream happily.

*Length includes balls, which are not insertable.

The Freaks line also includes Count Cockula Fleshjack, which is a standard sleeve with a fanged Mouth orifice and a specialty Cockula can cover.

If you’re a guy who likes guys, you’re probably going to be a guy who likes Fleshjack.

After reading this guide you now know deep inside which Fleshjack you want to get for yourself. There might be some noise in your head, you might feel a little confused, but you know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Inside yourself you know which one is for you.

Why Should You Trust Us

Having tested and reviewed more than his fair share of male masturbators over the last decade Deon was the obvious choice for heading-up our best Fleshjack article. With personal and professional experience probably exceeding the 200-hour mark he had the practical know-how, appreciation, and familiarity needed to lead a team of testers in examining the range of products on offer from the prestigious brand.

When it came to the legwork we examined the companies history as well as the competition. We also dove-into the figures and statistics surround male masturbation checking online survey data from Marketwatch, Statista and EAN erotic trading researchers. They actually stated that they sold more than 400,000 male masturbators in Europe in 2016.

We looked at a range of psychological studies from and Medical News Today and learned that these insights are hardly surprising. With all the scientific, medical and psychological evidence supporting the benefits of regular male masturbation the frequency men of self-pleasuring is according to sources such as Psycology Today is pretty high. This is especially true among new generations as the JAMA American Medical Association network has shown.

Of course, we also looked at the safety and potential risks for you. The Fleshlight was originally developed as a semen collection device. With medical routes, it has an approved background, unlike some toys which are less regulated.

Although the Fleshjack models are an offshoot product specifically aimed towards the homosexual demographic, they are just as popular with heterosexual men as the Fleshlight models from the same company.

With our numbers crunched and interests piqued, we found a willing team of 50 men of mixed sexual preference. Each toy was first ranked without use based on gut-instinct. Taking into account the appearance, size and weight and how comfortable you would feel about owning one (if you didn’t already).

Participants tried all 8 products with a variety of sleeves three times over for an initial ten minutes, recording experiences. Then they were used freely until ejaculation and answered a very thorough questionnaire based on predetermined factors agreed to include in the judgment and analysis process. Some examples of the questions included were “How likely would you be to use this again?” how close to real penetration did it feel?” and “How did this compare to toy-free masturbation?”

Toys were also then used as an edging device to see if they prolonged stamina from the average recorded times of their previous ejaculation. Ease of use (including the cleaning and aftercare) were also considered.

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