Brestrogen Review: For Natural Breast Enlargement

Brestrogen claims that its natural breast cream can lead to a substantial breast enlargement. So what’s the deal?

brestrogen package

Brestrogen for natural breast enhancement

What is Brestrogen?

If you’ve always wanted breast augmentation, then this may be one to try first. Brestrogen is a plant extract based cream that claims to be a natural breast enlargement booster. The cream is targeted at women who are unhappy with their current perceived small or sagging breasts, and would like to find a safe way to promote breast enlargement.

This breast enhancement cream claims to be a long-term natural method for bigger breasts, and all you have to do is rub in some scent-free cream. Sounds fun – so what do they have to say?

Brestrogen’s Claims

They report that most women will see an increase of one cup size within six to seven weeks and two cup sizes within 5-6 months. Other benefits are perkier and smoother breasts, firmer breasts and uplifted breasts. Their official website points out that with these improvements you’ll get sexier curves and your confidence will be boosted.

You’re getting the picture here, it’s a product made to improve breasts!

How Does Brestrogen Work?

Only experts would have heard of its main ingredient, the Thai plant extract Puerarie Mirifica. This extract claims to produce firmer breasts when applied to the skin, by plumping up fatty tissues and strengthening the milk ducts.

The Phytoestrogens found in Puerarie Mirifica work like oestrogen to increase blood flow, which in turn leads to breast enhancement. It also promotes ‘fibroblasts’ which sound painful, but are only existing cells in the breast tissue. The cream contains vitamin E too, which is a well-known skin moisturiser.

They say you’ll need to apply Brestrogen twice a day for best results, and when you reach your desired size, you can use it every other day to maintain the breast enlargement effects.

What is Brestrogen Like?

The cream is marketed as an easily to apply lotion with a pleasant smell. It’s non-sticky and no-one will notice you are wearing it.

Any woman over twenty-one who is considering a boob job or a breast enhancement surgery might be interested in Brestrogen. This breast enhancement cream is pushed towards two markets in particular. Post breast-feeding women, whose breasts may have suffered some wear and tear, and the unhappy ageing market. There is a disclaimer that older women may not achieve bigger breasts, but will gain the smoother and firmer breasts benefit.

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Brestrogen is premium breast enlargement cream

Is Brestrogen Safe, or Will I Grow An Extra Head?

There is not a great deal of scientific study about it because clinical trials have only taken place in the company labs. Their website indicates that the effects on oral contraceptives are unknown, and any women with tumours or cysts should steer clear. Don’t say we didn’t bring that to your attention.

Although Brestrogen’s USA based manufacturer is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved pharmacy, the FDA has not evaluated the cream. Despite this, they promote their cream as a very safe breast enlargement lotion with no unpleasant side-effects.

Daily application of a boob growth cream will encourage you to check your breasts for lumps and unusual bumps, something every woman should do for optimal health. The motion required to apply Brestrogen is the same circular motion that health services recommend woman use when examining their breasts. Breast massage also helps lymph gland drainage, and promotes circulation.

Alternatives To Brestrogen

There are other breast enhancing pills and creams available. Triactol bust serum and Breastfull pills are just two that claim natural breast growth results by encouraging the natural hormone surges women experience in puberty. The pills and creams work on the principle of generating female hormones with natural plants extracts. Choose carefully though, because some products contain filler ingredients that are not pure.

Value For Money

Brestrogen is a premium breast cream, so it isn’t cheap, but if you are planning to have breast augmentation surgery, then it’s a small cost in comparison. It may take six months of twice-daily use to achieve maximum results. There is a money back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with the results or change your mind. This lasts for up to 45 days, which runs into the six to seven week promised ‘bigger breasts’ time. But only just, so they must be confident it’s going to work well!

Brestrogen Versus The World

The truth is that the result will be different for all women, and there are no guarantees of lasting breast enlargement from any improvement techniques. However, with no known side effects and some new and exciting ingredients, it has to be worth a try before cosmetic surgery.

If you detest exercise, and are feeling unhappy about the contents of your push-up bikini, then Brestrogen may boost your bra size and your confidence. What is certain is that it avoids risky surgery, a long period away from work, and a hefty knock to your bank balance.

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