25 Shocking Sex World Records (2024) You Will Never Beat

Be honest, when it comes to sex, you’re always convinced that someone is else is bigger, better, faster, or slower at it than you are … and sadly, you’re about to find out that you’re completely right!

sex world records

Yes, we’ve combined two of the things most likely to bring out people’s voyeuristic side: Sex and weird world records. In other words, this is going to be the equivalent of looking through the keyhole of someone’s bedroom door, or watching a friend’s naughty self-recorded video, and then realising that their sex life makes yours look positively boring by comparison.

Anyway, we hope you don’t find this too depressing. Enjoy!

Sex World Records (Top Picks)

  • Longest Lasting Erection: Charles “Chick” Lennon, USA. 10 years. Side effect after penile implants!
  • Most Sex Partners: Louise and Martine Fokkens, twin prostitutes, Amsterdam. 177,500!
  • World’s Largest Penis: Jonah Falcon of Brooklyn, USA. 13.5 in (erect!).
  • Largest Vagina: Anna Bates, Nova Scotia. Diameter: 6 inches. Gave birth to a 32 lb child!
  • Longest Distance Anyone’s Ever Ejaculated: 18 feet 9 inches, Horst Shultz, USA
  • Fastest Anyone’s Ever Ejaculates: 42.7 miles per hour. Horst Shultz, USA.
  • The Highest Anyone’s Ever Ejaculated: 12ft 4in. What? Horst Shultz again? Seriously? Who is this guy?
  • Strongest Vagina: A new kind of weightlifting! Tatyana Kozhevnikova, Russia.
  • Largest Natural Breasts in the World: Norma Stitz, 102ZZZ weighting 85 pounds!
  • Largest Number of Orgasms in 1 Hour (female): 134, recorded at the Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies
  • Largest Number of Orgasms in 1 Hour (male): 16, also recorded at the Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies
  • Most Sex Partners in 1 Day: Lisa Sparxxx, Poland. 919 people. It all took place at Eroticon!
  • Loudest Sex: Olga Valerio and Byron Perez, NYC, 311 complaints from every floor of their apartment building!
  • Oldest Father Ever: 96 years old, Ramjit Raghav. The result of being a vegetarian wrestler!
  • Oldest Mother Ever (Natural Pregnancy): 67 years old, Xinju Tian. A natural conception (or so she says!)
  • Longest Ever Orgasm: A mystery woman who shall remain nameless. 45 seconds!
  • Largest Number of Orgasms in a Single Session: 226 times an hour, Deanna Webb, at “Maturbate-a-Thon”.
  • Most Male (Multiple) Orgasms: Test subject (laboratory setting). 6 times! Experienced multiple ejaculatory orgasms since the age of 15.
  • Longest Session of Masturbation (Men): Porn star, Sonny Nash, 10 hrs 10 mins (without climaxing!).
  • Most Semen from One Single Ejaculation: A whopping 8.5ml, another test subject in another lab (Sexy!)
  • Largest Orgy: Tokyo, 2006. 500 People (Who had to clean up afterwards?)
  • Most Orgasms in a Day: 100s, Dale Decker, USA, due to Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder
  • Most Amazing Amount of Vaginal Farts: Abby. Howard Stern Show. 93 in thirty seconds.
  • Largest, Most Powerful Sex Toy: The Kong. 18 kilograms, seventy pounds of torque
  • Creature Who has Sex Most Frequently: Australian cricket, 50 times in four hours

Our Favorites:

  • The World’s Largest Penis is Jonah Falcon’s, and measures 13.5 in when not “on the slack”.
  • The World’s Largest Vagina belonged to Anna Haining Bates, and would have dilated by 6 inches when she delivered her 23lb baby.
  • Internet folklore hero Horst Schultz supposedly holds three jizz-based titles: World’s Fastest, Furthest, and Highest Ejaculate.
  • In 2006, Lisa Sparxxx slept with 919 people during a 24-hour period, and she didn’t even insist on having 919 romantic candlelight dinners beforehand.
  • Do you think we truly have equal rights between men and women? Well, the highest number of orgasms a man’s ever had is 16 per hour, while for females, it’s 134.
  • Charles “Chick” Lennon had a decade-long erection. What a hard life.

1) Longest Lasting Erection: 10 Years

Like any wonder drug, those that keep you erect can have a variety of side effects, and it’s often suggested that if your erection last for more than a few hours then it’s probably time to head to the doctor.

Penile implants, however, can clearly have even more of a dramatic effect. Charles “Chick” Lennon ended up suing the company who gave him the implant, after the procedure left him with a penis that stayed hard for ten years, although on the positive side, he does now hold the title for longest lasting erection.

Mind you, that’s not much compensation when every pair of pants you buy has to be three sizes too big purely to hide your shame.

2) Most Sex Partners Overall: 177,500

If you’re going to have sex with this many people, then you need to dedicate some serious time to it. For most of us, there simply wouldn’t be enough time in the day … so it’s only really possible if you have sex for a living.

Louise and Martine Fokkens are not only 70-year-old prostitutes working the red light district of Amsterdam, but also twins, so we’re going to take a wild guess and say they’re pretty popular. And that definitely seems to be the case if the numbers are anything to go by.

Between them, they claim to have had sex with 355,000 men (177,500 each), during the last half a century.  These days, however, the sisters have decided they’re too old to carry on in this line of work, with Louise in particular complaining that her arthritis now makes some positions too painful, and if you’ve got to get into those positions 355,000 times, then that’s a pretty valid complaint.

3) The Largest Penis in the World: 13.5 Inches

Many teenage boys have probably claimed this title for themselves (before having it scientifically disproven in the showers after gym class) but the genuine holder of this illustrious title is Brooklyn’s Jonah Falcon.

Jonah’s flaccid member measured a whopping 9.5 in (24cm), although if he gets excited, you’d better stand back and give him some room. When erect, Jonah’s penis can reach a length of 13.5 in (34cm), as demonstrated on the 2006 TV show “The World’s Biggest Penis”.

In addition to this accolade, Jonah also claimed that he could completely envelope a doorknob with his foreskin, so we’ll be doing our best to avoid staying in the same hotels as Jonah from now on.

4) Largest Vagina in the World: (a diameter of) 6 Inches

So, how do you measure a vagina? You would assume, of course, that the larger you are as a person, then the larger your genitals would be. Surely everything’s in proportion, right?

Well, this certainly seemed to be the case with Canada’s Anna Bates, who lived during the nineteenth century.  This lady was big, and her vagina followed suit. She was 7 ft 11 (and a half!) inches in height, and weighed the seriously heavy amount of 419 lbs.

So, who would dare to suggest to a woman this large that they’d like to measure her vaginal? Well, no one, to be fair, but we can take an educated guess.

You see, we do know that Anna gave birth to a 32-lb child, and that its head had a circumference of 19 inches. Therefore, as it was a natural birth, her vagina likely dilated more than 6 inches (15cm) which led to her becoming a Guiness World Record holder after death … although we’re going to take a wild guess, and say this might not be the way she’d like to have been remembered.

5,6,7) Longest, Fastest, Highest Ejaculation

  • Longest Distance Anyone’s Ever Ejaculated: 18 feet 9inches
  • Fastest Anyone’s Ever Ejaculates: 42.7 miles per hour
  • The Highest Anyone’s Ever Ejaculated: 12ft 4in

When it comes to cum (is this grammatically correct?) Horst Shultz of the USA has quite a pedigree, as he claims to hold this unholy trinity of titles. In fact, his jet of semen would be seriously in danger of taking somebody’s eye out.

Well, apparently. You see, there’s officially no world record for speed or distance of ejaculation, and besides some online articles and comments on social media, there’s no proof whatsoever of Horst’s landmark achievement. In fact, according to a variety of doctors, this kind of thing would be medically impossible, even if you were the Incredible Hulk and had green, gamma-ray-powered semen.

Sadly, no photos of Shultz exist, not to mention his moment of glory, but he’s become a bit of an internet folk hero. In fact, one YouTube video about him has over 200,000 views, so he’s clearly a very inspiring figure for all of those young ambitious cum-shooters out there.

8) Strongest Vagina: Tatyana Kozhevnikova

Tatyana, who makes her living as a fitness instructor in Russia, managed to come the World Record Holder of this title back in 2009, by using her Kegel muscles to lift 31lbs (14kg).

Since then, Tatyana has created something called “intimate gymnastics” (and no, this isn’t just a euphemism for particularly energetic sex). This is designed to improve the intimate health of women everywhere, and if anyone should be able to teach a course on how to have healthy and strong private parts, then it’s Tatyana.

9) Largest Natural Breast: Size 102ZZZ, Norma Stitz

If you haven’t said this lady’s name out loud, then maybe just take a few seconds to do it now. Done? OK, I think we’re both on the same page now.

Norman Stitz, as you may have already guessed, is a softcore porn actress, who’s appeared in over 250 movies, and needs to travel with security because her fans recognise her in the street a lot. And to be fair, she’s probably not that difficult to spot, given that she has the largest natural breasts in the world.

Due to the condition gigantomastia (the main condition of which is the excessive growth of breast tissue) Norma’s breasts weigh a whopping 85 pounds, which means she also has a bra size of 102ZZZ.

In fact, Norma (real name “Annie”) had to start wearing a bra in the third grade, but she’s never even considered breast reduction. In Norma’s words: “Why fix something that’s not broken?”

10) Largest Number of Orgasms in an Hour (Female): 134

How many times can a woman climax in the course of sixty minutes? Well, according to scientists at The Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies, the answer is 134.

For those of you who aren’t mathematicians, that’s the crazy amount of two or more every sixty seconds, which scientists believe is the result of a continuous state of orgasm, lasting for a few minutes at a time.

This “status orgasmus” could obviously be quite distracting if you’re just trying to get through the day, but on the other hand, there are definitely worse ways to spend a few minutes.

11) Largest Number of Orgasms in 1 Hour (Man): 16

Sadly, for any men reading this, the winning number for most male orgasms/hour is significantly lower compared to the equivalent for women, although sixteen per hour is still pretty impressive.

In fact, this even seems impossible, given that most red-blooded males have a fifteen-minute refractory period, but according to William Hartman and Marilyn Fithian, who work at the Centre for Marital and Sexual Studies (and have been studying orgasm for 22 years) this figure is completely legit.

And doesn’t “studying orgasm” sound like a great job to have? It must be if you’re happy to keep doing it for 22 years!

12) Most Sex Partners in 1 Day: 919

It’s not a great surprise that there are a few adult movie stars on this list, and you’d need quite a bit of experience in the “industry” to attempt something like this.

At the Eroticon festival, back in 2006, porn actress Lisa Sparxxx slept with 919 men over the course of twelve hours, with each man being allocated forty-five seconds to make his contribution.

Lisa Sparxxx is Polish, by the way, and this seems to be a theme when it comes to the “World Gang Bang Record”. The previous record holders – Klaudia Figura in 2002, and Marianna Rokita in 2003 – were also Polish, and I think we can all agree that this inspiring trio of ladies have certainly done their country proud.

13) Loudest Sex Ever: 311 Complaints (Courtesy of Every Floor of the Apartment Building!

If your neighbours complained about the loudness of your sex noises, then you’d probably do your best to tone things down a bit, if only to save yourself the embarrassment!

Byron Perez and Olga Valerio, however, received noise complaints 311 times while getting it on in their New York apartment, from every single floor of the six-story building. To be fair, this was over the period of five years, not in one single night, and they also decided to open the windows during every session … but still, those are some serious volume levels!

Frankly, it’s surprising that the Statue of Liberty didn’t need to use some massive earplugs when Olga and Byron got down to it.

14) Oldest Father Ever: 96 years old, Ramjit Raghav

When most people reach the age of 96, they’re usually winding down, taking it easy, and enjoying their golden years. Not farmer Ramjit Raghav, however, because at that age, he became a Dad at the oldest age ever recorded.

Raghav. Who’s from Southern India, has credited his virility to his lifestyle, which includes a vegetarian diet, and a career in professional wrestling. Whether this is true or not, it certainly did something for his longevity because he lived to 104, although he never produced any more offspring.

This is a good thing, of course, because when you come into the world, toothless, wrinkled, and unable to eat solid foods, you don’t really want your Dad to be exactly the same way.

15) Oldest Mother Ever: 67 year old, Xinju Tian

In October 2019, Xinju Tian of Zaozhuang, China gave birth to a baby by C-section. Nothing unusual there, of course, unless you consider that she was 67 years old at the time.

Xinju Tian, along with her significant other, have always said that their baby was conceived naturally, although nobody’s been able to confirm this officially. In other words, there wasn’t a scientist sitting there at the time, taking notes, and let’s be honest, it would have been pretty weird if there had been.

Lab conditions just aren’t that sexy, and scattering rose petals on the bed is always a lot more effective than scattering test tubes and Petrie dishes.

16) Longest Lasting Orgasm: 45 Seconds

We all want orgasms to last longer, don’t we? I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s one of the most pleasurable things you can experience.

The average length, for women, is usually about 10 seconds, but one woman supposedly encountered an orgasm that lasted for around 45 seconds. So, yes, that’s one long orgasm, especially when you consider that for some men, the entire act of sex can take significantly less time than that.

She was also recorded to have had 25 individual contractions, which sounds intense, and would no doubt make you gyrate and moan more than that little girl from The Exorcist.

17) Largest Number of Orgasms in a Single Session (Female): 226

OK, this next entry wasn’t scientifically recorded, so it’s based purely on anecdotal evidence, but Deanna Webb reportedly climaxed 266 times in an hour, back in 2009, at an event in Denmark called “Maturbate-a-Thon”.

Yes, this event actually exists, and pretty much does what it says on the tin, even if it does sound like some fundraising show on a late-night X-Rated TV channel.

Mind you, if you could masturbate for charity, then Deanna Webb would probably be able to raise more funds than Bill Gates.

18) Most Male (Multiple) Orgasms: 6

Completely at the other end of the spectrum, we have a man who was able to climax six times without going floppy and did it all within 36 minutes.

This was as part of a study, carried out in a laboratory setting, and reported on by the Journal of Sex Education and Therapy. It’s also quite an achievement given that the results suggest that the man in question had no refractory period at all, and also mentioned that he’d been experiencing these multiple orgasms since the age of fifteen (which must have made for an interesting high school career!).

19) Longest Session of Masturbation (Men): 10 Hours 10 Minutes

This next record was also broken at a Masturbate-a-Thon, this time in 2012, by porn star Sonny Nash. The rules stated that each contender should stay erect without shooting his loads for as long as he possibly could … and when you’ve got that kind of brief, then it can only help to be a professional porn actor.

Completely thrashing the previous record holder, Masanobu Sato — who managed a very respectable 9 hours and 58 minutes in 2009 — Nash kept going for ten hours and ten minutes without climaxing, and has no doubt been forced to spend the rest of his life without walking.

20) 8.5ml is The Most Semen Produced in One Ejaculation

This next record should probably be titled “Most semen produced in one ejaculation … while in a lab!” Labs, as we’ve already mentioned, have never been particularly sexy, so there may be an even more impressive record taking place in a bedroom somewhere right now.

When it comes to scientific studies, however, one man in 1979 astounded the men in white coats by producing 8.5 ml in one ejaculation. Impressive, when you consider that the average is around 3 ml, but once again, it’s hard to know how you officially measure this.

I mean, I might be in the minority here, but the first thing on my mind after ejaculating is not to run and look for some kind of measuring device.

21) Largest Orgy: 500 People

Orgies, by their very nature, are large. That’s what makes them orgies. But even regular orgy enthusiasts probably have a number at which they draw the line.

This clearly wasn’t the case for the attendees of an orgy in Tokyo, however, back in 2006, who saw no problem with diving in amongst 500 sweaty, naked bodies.

This was reported on by the lifestyle organization “Menage Life” who claimed it was the biggest one ever recorded, and given the name of their organization, if anyone should have the most up-to-date data on orgies, then it’s them.

22) Most Orgasms Daily: Dale Decker, 100s

Hundreds of daily orgasms might sound like quite a pleasant way to live your life, but not if you have a condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder.

Dale Decker first developed this disorder after a nasty fall, when he damaged his spine, and now doesn’t even need to touch or stimulate himself before having an embarrassing sex accident.

He can be absolutely anywhere, at any time, when he suddenly climaxes, and this can happen hundreds and hundreds of times a day, which must make him a joy to invite to funerals, weddings, or children’s birthday parties.

Did you find any of these facts particularly mind-blowing, spine-tingling, or eye-watering? If so, which one was your favourite? Let us know below!

23)Most Amazing Amount of Vaginal Farts: 93 in thirty seconds

Ah, one of the unspoken after-effects of good vigorous sex. The humble “queef”.

You may or may not be familiar with radio “shock jock” Howard Stern, but if you’re not he’s had quite a few of these kind of guests on his show over the years. Back in 2007, for instance, Stern’s show featured a nurse called “Abby”, who had two lovely (although no doubt highly embarrassed) children back home, who we have to assume were not listening in as she demonstrated the amazing sound she could produce with her genitals.

Once she’d taken off her clothes in Howard’s cosy little radio studio, Abby set a new record by making ninety-three vaginal farts in a mere thirty seconds. Wow.

24)Largest, Most Powerful Sex Toy: 18 kilograms, seventy pounds of torque

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to The Kong. No, it’s not a massive ape that terrorises New York City, but in many ways it’s just as powerful.

This is actually a sex machine. Yes, that’s right, a machine that has sex with you, which thankfully (or perhaps, even more weirdly) can be operated by remote control.

It weighs a ridiculous eighteen kilograms, with seventy pounds of torque, so this isn’t the kind of thing you’d probably want to use if you’re into quiet, gentle, romantic lovemaking.
7 outrageous sex world records that will have you clutching your pearls (iol.co.za)
(IOL, 2022)

25)Creature Who has Sex Most Frequently: 50 times in four hours

So, yes, most of the records in this list are held by human beings, so we thought it was about time to represent the animal kingdom too – insects, in this case – because the holder of the record for most amount of humps in any given period is “Ornebius aperta”, an Australian cricket, who can do the dirty deed over fifty times in the course of about four hours.

Oh, and if you were wondering whether he has a harem of females, just waiting to be serviced, then no, this is all with the same lady. So, is it particularly intimate, romantic sex, we hear you ask? Well, no, not really. He effectively puts a bag of sperm on the lucky lady, and the female in question then eats it. Mmmm, tasty.


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