Bswish BMine Classic Review: Simple, Small and Fun

Some people say that it doesn’t get much more basic than bullet vibrator. The truth is that even with such a simple and straightforward design, there’s tons of room for good and bad choices.

Fortunately, BSwish’s BMine Classic is a vibrator that gives you plenty to think about. This is a mid-grade classic toy that I can recommend to just about anyone who is looking for some easy fun.

This is one of those toys that can be used for many purposes, so read on to learn more about what you can do with it.

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Discreet Packaging Right to Your Doorstep

There’s nothing revealing about the packaging for the BMine Classic. The packaging is just a manila envelope. That’s not the most secure thing in the world, but it got to my home without any problem at all.

bswish bmine box

The BMine Classic’s mailing package. Plain, simple, and discreet. Good choice, BSwish!

Upon opening up the envelope, I found a small sleek box with the toy inside.

No Frills Toy, No Problem!

When I got into the box itself, I found that BSwish is a fairly no-frills company. The only thing inside the box was the toy itself and a small instruction manual that gave me some basic instructions.

open bswish bmine

A shot of everything you get with the BMine Classic. This is the box, the massager, and the instructions.

My first impression of the BMine Classic was simply how cute it was! With several color options to choose from, I had ended up with the pink one. Pink’s not my favorite color, but this hot pink bullet vibrator was quite adorable. I immediately thought that this would be a great party favor for a raunchy bachelorette party. The packaging and appearance make it a great choice for girly fun.

The toy is made out of a hard plastic, so there is no give to it at all. There is a soft texture to the silicone that covers the toy. It’s fun to touch with your hands. I found that I could warm it up between my palms before I used it.

bmine size

You can see the ridges on the BMine Classic here. See how it compares to my hand for the size.

The surface of the toy itself has a few subtle ridges that make it stand out a bit from the general run of bullet vibes. The bottom twists off to reveal the battery. On the bottom is a power button that you click through to experience the different modes.

Battery Talk: Powered by a LR-N Alkaline 1.5V N Cell Battery

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a batter-charged toy. I was pleased to see that this toy came with a battery included. In this case, the BMine Classic requires an LR-N Alkaline 1.5V N Cell battery.

When I looked up the battery on the BSwish site, I found that the battery guaranteed a 3-hour use-life. On one hand, most people can likely bring themselves off a few times in that time frame, though 3 hours is not all that long on a single battery. Something to keep in mind when you buy it.

bswish bmine battery

This is the battery that comes with the toy. It’s a LR-N Alkaline 1.5V N-cell battery. I’m not sure where to get another one.

I do approve of the fact that the BMine Classic came with a battery included. If you’re excited about getting a new toy delivered, the last thing you want is to find that you don’t have the right battery around for it!

Adorably Pocket-Sized for Easy Travel

The BMine Classic ‘s box calls it a prime toy for travel, and I see where they are coming from! This small toy fits into a purse or briefcase bag. The size and shape are discreet, meaning that you can carry it with you. The button could be pressed accidentally, but it seems pretty unlikely. If you are worried, you can just remove the battery before you leave.

Easy, Breezy Use for the BMine Classic

When it comes to mechanics, the BMine Classic is about as simple as they come. There is a single button on the base of the toy. When you push it, it lights up. It immediately starts to buzz. Each successive push of the button causes the toy to rotate through five different modes. One more click of the power button after that turns it off.

bmine button

This is the power button on the bottom. I like to press it with my thumb, like it’s a ballpoint pen.

The single button has advantages and disadvantages. In the pros column is that you always know what you should be pushing. There are no buttons to fumble around with. In the cons column is that with only one button, you have to turn the toy off before scrolling back around to a mode that you like.

The big appeal of this toy is how easy it is. One button, five modes, easy action! There’s something to be said for simplicity, and when you want a toy that is ready to go right out of the box, this is it!

Getting Started: Lots of Power And Some Awkward Handling

When I turned on this toy, I was a little startled to see how much power it had. This is an awesome thing if you are someone who likes a lot of juice with their playtime. The vibrations are powerful and intense. This is way more powerful than a little generic bullet that you might pick up for 10 dollars. The price you pay for the BMine Classic’s power is worth it!

As I started playing with the toy, I did realize that there was one flaw. Changing the modes with the toy actually resting inside me or on my clit was a little hard. With the lube I used, the toy was slippery, so I had to remove it from my body before I could press the button to change the mode.

bswish bmine vibrator

This is a shot of the BMine Classic lit up and buzzing. The light is surprisingly strong.

There is a satisfying click when you change modes. The response is immediate and noticeable. Check out what I thought of each of the modes below!

Modes 1-3, Increasing Intensity

In Modes 1 through 3, you have a steady buzz. The first mode is mild, the second mode is more powerful, and the third mode is the most powerful vibration.

This is exactly what the bullet toy is made for, and if it did nothing beyond this, I would be happy. I usually don’t care for the milder settings, but I did enjoy it with this one. I started with the first mode, spent a lot of time with the second, and finished out on the third. Throughout, the buzz was consistent, powerful and ideal for a quick orgasm.

Mode 4: Fast Pulse

Mode 4 provides a fast pulse that is hurried and steady. I’m not so fond of this one, but I know plenty of people who would be. This would be a great warmup mode. Rest it against your labia and prep for another toy. Another way to use for this mode might be to try to get off with it it, even if it’s not your favorite. Sometimes it’s fun to work for it!

Mode 5: Short-Short-Short-Short-Long

I ended up liking Mode 5 a lot more than I usually like irregular vibrations. With Mode 5, you get four short pulses followed by a long pulse in rapid succession. I liked the intervals, I liked the power. Even if you prefer steady vibration, give this mode a shot!

Ways to Play: Vaginal, Labial, Clitoral – No Anal

One of the great things about the bullet design in general is that it’s great for a variety of play options. The BMine Classic is no different.

First, try inserting it into your vagina. The pulses are powerful enough that there is some G-spot stimulation, even if it is not direct. The penetration is smooth. The ridges on the side do not do much, so don’t expect a lot of resistance.

Another way to play with the BMine Classic is to press it between your labia, holding it in place. The vibrations run through the entire vulva that way, stimulating your clitoris. This is a great type of foreplay, but some women can get off like this.

Finally, the BMine Classic is great for clitoral play. The power is excellent and consistent, and the size and shape makes it fit nicely to the body.

Remember that though the BMine Classic can be used to lightly stimulate the anal area, you should not insert it. There is not flared base or cord to help you remove the plug if it slips inside. This is a vaginal/clitoral toy. If you want an anal vibrator, choose something designed for the purpose.

Noise: Quiet as a Whisper

This is a quiet toy. You can’t use it in the same room with someone and not have them notice, but you can definitely use it undetected by closing the door.

Summing Up: Fun-Sized and Powerful!

If you want a classic bullet that still manages to pack a punch, the BMine Classic is a great choice. It is water-proof, allowing you to bring into the shower or the bath. It is small enough to bring with you, quiet enough to be discreet, and feels lovely against the skin.

Pick up the BMine Classic when you love the idea of enjoying a traditional favorite!

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