Crystal Minx Tail Plug Review For Luxury Fun!

I was pretty excited when I got the opportunity to try out something from Crystal Delights, and I started grinning like crazy when I realized that I got to try not one, but two of their tail plugs. The Crystal Minx Tail Plug won the 2012 AVN Award for “Best Fetish Product” and the 2013 Xbiz Award for “Pest Non-Powered Pleasure Product,” and the Crystal Minx Faux Tail Plug has been popping up all over the place on the blogs and feeds that I read.

Though I see both toys a fair amount in the furry scene, you don’t have to be a furry to enjoy them. These two rather adorable plugs are perfect for some intermediate anal play with your partner or just for a day when you want to feel cute! I got these plugs on a Thursday, and I couldn’t wait for the weekend when I would get to try them out.

Discreet Packaging That Won’t Make Your Neighbors Look At You Oddly

I live in an apartment building with a lot of retirees, and what that means is that everyone knows what everyone else is getting in the mail. In this case, when the packaging showed up, all anyone knew was that I was getting a long package with a triangular profile. If you check the picture, you can see that there is absolutely nothing shady or suggestive about the package at all, for which I and my conservative elderly neighbors are quite grateful.

Crystal Minx Tail Plug Anonymous package

Anonymous packaging: Not even a fortune teller would guess what’s in that weird triangular package!

Slitting through the tape revealed the two promised tails, both of them rolled up in tissue paper and further cushioned from harm with wadded brown paper. Given how soft the fur is, I appreciated the thought that went into making sure that they got to my home in good shape. When I removed the wrapped tails, I noticed that there’s a charming little authentication sticker, reminding me to accept no substitutes. I like this touch, actually; Crystal Delights has a reputation for class and quality, and it’s nice to get this assurance. I broke the seals and got to check out my new toys.

Crystal Delights' sticker on the package

Authentic: The Crystal Delight’s seal is there to prove I have the original one and not a cheap imitation. Click on this image to visit the Official Crystal Delight’s website.

Included with each toy was a Care & Use page, and I really did appreciate that. One of the things that I was worried about with these toys was how to clean them, and the instructions were laid out very clearly. They told me specifically what I could and could not use on these toys, and they gave great information on how to store them. Crystal Delights takes its reputation as a boutique-style sex toy shop very seriously, and I for one appreciate it!

Love at First Sight: First Impressions

At the most basic level, what you have with both the Crystal Minx Tail Plug and the Crystal Minx Faux Tail is a high-quality borosilicate glass plug that has a tail glued to it. I tested both, and I want to start with what they have in common.

Both real fur and faux fur wrapped up next to each other

Cozy and protected: My two toys were wrapped and sitting next to each other.

In the first place, the insertable plugs on both the Crystal Minx Tail Plug and the Crystal Minx Faux Tail are identical. This plug’s insertable length is about 2.8 inches, and it is 1.3 inches in diameter. This makes for a toy that is suitable for people who have some experience with anal play or who are beginners who are willing to take it slow. The plug itself is well-shaped, with a round bulb-shaped head that ensures that you feel it when it’s in. There is a narrow stem between the bulb head and the flared base, which allows it to lock tightly to the body once it has been inserted.

The great thing about the plug is that it is made from borosilicate glass, which disinfects extremely easily, is extremely tough and is wonderfully sleek. All of this makes it an excellent sex toy in general, and the perfect anal toy in specific.

Both toys have a tail that is glued to the base. The Crystal Minx Tail Plug is made out of real fur, and it definitely shows. The weight and softness of real fur is pretty hard to mistake, and if you are someone who loves luxury, this is the toy for you. It comes in five different colors, and I was pretty delighted when I ended up with the Large Silver Fox Tail. I left it curled up on my couch, and when I came back, I actually thought there was an animal sitting there. If you end up getting this one, you’re going to be spending a little bit of time just petting it. That’s how soft it is.

Crystal Minx Tail Plug made of real fur

So soft: Crystal Minx Tail is just so smooth and soft that you will want to touch it all day long.

The Crystal Minx Faux Tail, on the other hand, is made out of a fairly high-quality synthetic fur, which makes it perfect for people who choose not to use or buy animal products. In appearance it is smaller and less fluffy than the Crystal Minx Tail Plug, but it’s still plenty soft and pettable. As a matter of fact, when I was showing the pair to my friends, opinion was more or less split on which texture they preferred. One place where the Faux Tail beats the real tail is with color variety. I received one of the more lifelike color options, but when I saw the Pink Leopard Faux Tail, that one went right on my list of toys I want to get for certain friends.

Crystal Minx Faux Tail on the table

Faux Tail: The Faux version is slightly flatter and has a very elegant look

Getting Friendly: Using the Plug End

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how they feel, it’s worth everyone’s time to talk about some of the basic uses of the anal plug end. These are high-quality borosilicate glass plugs, and if you are looking for a great intermediate anal toy, these plugs are perfect. They’re smooth and sleek for easy insertion, and they have a very pronounced notch between the head and the base to ensure that they are not going to slip inside your body when you are playing. We wrote a full guide on how to use a butt plug.

The Care & Use document that came with the tails is wonderfully detailed, and they recommend a high-quality water based lube for this product. Water-based lube is not as slippery as a silicone-based lube, but it is a lot easier to clean up if you have dripped some on the fur.

The glass head of Crystal Minx Tail Plug

Art is pleasure: The glass head of the plug

If you are a novice to anal play, it’s worth pointing out that there are easier toys to start with. If you are feeling a little nervous about the girth of these plugs, start with a smaller plug. Also, if you have mostly been playing with silicone toys, remember that there is no give to these plugs at all. They are incredibly rigid, and that makes them feel a bit bigger than softer toys of a similar size.

Use plenty of lube, go slow, and if necessary, warm up with a finger or a smaller plug. That’s about all you need to know before we step right into the specifics.

Decadent Luxury with the Crystal Minx Tail Plug

I’m really not good at denying myself much of anything, and I jumped right in with the Crystal Minx Tail Plug. I said it before, but it is entirely worth repeating how pretty and soft this tail is. Just looking at it makes me want to scrunch my fingers through the thick fur. There is some heft to the tail as well. It is lightly stuffed to give it shape, and the result is something that looks quite realistic.

If you are someone who adores sensation play, especially of the sensual variety, this is a great toy for a number of different reasons. The glass plug makes a convenient handle, and I spent some time running the length of fur against my skin. I also discovered that it creates a rather lovely sensation when you smack someone lightly with the tail. There’s no snap or sting like there would be with a regular flogger. Instead, there is the gentlest thud imaginable. While that was fun, this was not what the toy was designed for, so moving on!

For the test run, I was using Liquid Silk lube, which is one of my absolute favorites, and it was totally worth getting plenty of lube on this toy. There is no give at all to the glass, and even a little bit of dryness can make insertion hurt! Once it was in, however, it was absolutely not going anywhere.

There is also a certain weight that comes with glass plugs that you do not get with rubber or silicone toys. In fact, next to an experience with a steel plug, this plug was definitely one of the heaviest I’d ever tried. However, the weight was quite pleasant; it was more like a reminder that the toy was there than anything else.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is a toy that is designed for its aesthetic value. The fur is gorgeous, and when it is inserted, the tail twitches with every movement of the hips. I spent some time checking out how I looked in the mirror, and I came to a few conclusions. The first is that I look pretty good in dark fur, and the second is that this thing is freaking adorable.

Seriously, if you have ever had a fantasy of being a naughty little fox or a curious kitty girl, this is the toy for you. The fluffy bulk of the tail is amazingly endearing when seen on a naked rear, and if you swish your hips even a little, it produces a surprisingly lifelike motion.

There is nothing subtle about this toy. There is no putting on your panties and pretending you are doing something else; if you want to wear one of these tails, you have to commit!

I wore the tail around for a good twenty minutes, putting myself through a number of different positions and poses. Over all, it’s quite comfortable, and generally, if you’re wearing it, you’re not going to be running around doing yoga or fetching the mail. It’s comfortable in any reclining position except flat on your back, and sitting down is simple enough if you pull the tail behind you.

This is a toy you’ll probably want to avoid wearing with bottoms of any sort. There’s a note in the Care & Use page about not letting your toy experience too much abrasion if you are wearing it with clothing, so that’s something to keep in mind. I imagine a pair of crotchless panties would do best with this, or, if you are so inclined, a specially sewn dress or skirt with a hole to let the tail through.

When incorporating this toy into any kind of play, a few gentle tugs are lovely, but hard tugs are painful. I strongly suspect that any real pulling will weaken the glue that holds the tail to the plug. There’s a warning on the Care & Use page about avoiding rough tugging on the toy, so keep that in mind. They further note that you should never remove the toy by pulling on the tail portion, and that’s worth noting as well. Instead, firmly grasp the glass base, and pull the plug out gently.

There is a lot of great information on the page about how to store your tail, how to keep it looking good, and how to make sure that you get to use it for a long, long time. This is not basic knowledge or common sense; for example, one part of the document suggests sprinkling cornmeal into the fur and soaking up dirt or grime. They have collected a lot of good information to be used in the care and preservation of your tail, so be sure you give it a thorough read.

Upon removal, I noticed that I had gotten some lube on the fur, and I followed the instructions on how to clean it up. I patted the area with a damp rang, and then once all of the lube was removed, I fluffed up the fur again. It was good as new, so this toy is both sturdy and attractive!

Faux Doesn’t Mean Cheap: Crystal Minx Faux Tail

In terms of insertion and wear, the Crystal Minx Faux Tail was exactly like the Crystal Minx Tail plug. The plugs are identical, and the only real difference is the effect of the tail and the sensation of the faux fur.

Faux fur and Crystal minx tail plug next to each other

Next to each other: Real and Faux Crystal Minx Tail Plugs next to each other.

As mentioned above, the Crystal Minx Faux Tail is flatter and less fluffy than the Crystal Minx Tail Plug. To me, the fibers feel a little coarser, though they’re still buttery-soft, and it is perhaps just a fraction heavier. However, this tail still has the exact same fluffy feel and enticing motion when worn.

A friend pointed out that because this particular tail is a little narrower and a bit less fluffy than the other, it’s actually preferable for people who are really into kitty play. If you’re a kitty at heart or you know someone who is, this might be the better option for you.

It may be that I am just a little nervous around real fur, but the faux fur of this tail feels a little sturdier to me. I totally believe that the real fox tail is easy to care for and clean up, but if I were going to be going to events and engaging in rougher play, this would be the one I chose.

I also did a trial clean-up on this toy, and the results were good. A bit of water on a rag, some fluffing as it dried, and it was as good as new.

I think it’s important to note that this is not a toy that you purchase simply because the Crystal Minx Tail Plug is a little more expensive. This is in no way a cheaper option. This is a high-quality toy that has plenty to recommend it. Choose it because you prefer false fur to real or because you want a toy that is a little less delicate.

Flirty and Friendly

My absolute favorite part of this toy is how easy it is to flirt with it. I’m really more of a “grab my significant other and drag them to bed” kind of woman, but having a cute tail swishing around behind me makes me about ten times more likely to want to preen and pose.

Bring it around front to preserve something of your modesty, or wiggle your rear to see if your significant other wants to pounce you. Either way, these toys are a flirt’s delight!

Finishing Up

These tail plugs are meant to be looked at whether you are just admiring your own rear or you are enticing your partner into fun times in bed. This isn’t really a toy that you pick up because you want to try some anal play, and it’s definitely not the toy you choose when you feel like being subtle.

However, if you are a flirt, if you have always wanted to release your inner beast, if you like the subversion of wearing a tail, if you like being a little embarrassed or you like strutting your stuff, pick one of these beauties today!


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