Ignite Her Orgasm Review – Heating It Up at Home

They say that when it comes to a subject you love, studying is easy, and that’s what Ignite Her Orgasm is trying to tell us. Ignite Her Orgasm lives up to the promises it makes for drawing a woman up to the height of pleasure, but if you want to know a little more about what you’ll get for your money, read on!

Ignite Her Orgasm: The Nitty-Gritty

So what do you get with the Ignite Her Orgasm series? You receive six eBooks, five of which have audiobook accompaniments. You also receive an audio program that presents itself as a scientifically-proven brainwave entrainment program designed to enhance sexual confidence. Yeah, it’s a bit of a mouthful, but essentially, it means that you get three audio files that make you feel more sexual and in control after you listen to them for a while.

table of contents from Ignite her orgasm

Table of contents: A screnshot from the Table of contents from “Ignite Her Orgasm” main ebook. If you didn’t know it, this program comes with 6 ebooks and 5 audiobooks.

The eBooks included in this set are:

  1. Ignite Her Orgasm
  2. The Venus Pleasure Sequence
  3. The Deep Impact Pleasure Sequence
  4. Turbo-Charged! Dirty Little Secrets To Explosive Sex That Lasts Longer
  5. Stallion In Heat! Secrets To Throbbing Hard Sensational Erections Of Steel
  6. Sex She Will Go Wild For
  7. The audio program is called Sexual Confidence Escalator

As you can guess, these eBooks make some pretty big promises, and we’re here to tell you if they live up to them! Check out our reviews for each individual eBook, and then read my personal experience with the Sexual Confidence Escalator!

quote from the ebook

Make her happy: “Afterwards they are more relaxed, vibrant, their skin tone is lively and has more color…”

1) Ignite Her Orgasm: The Heavy Hitter

The first book in the series is the longest one, and with 100 pages of content to work with, there is plenty of room to get detailed. This book is perhaps my favorite of the six presented, and though it does seem to hop a little from topic to topic, there is a lot being offered here.

This book has some great information about sexual positions, but the place where it really shines is when it starts talking about things like mental preparedness. It feels a little like a cheerleader in points (yeah, you can do it!) but if you’re into that kind of thing, or if you need that kind of thing, this makes it the book for you.

One of the most interesting sections in this first volume includes lines of dialog that you can use on your lady. While you should not repeat these word for word, you can use them to get an idea about how to verbally turn on your wife or girlfriend.

Another thing that the eBook gets right is the fact that good sex takes time. Just about every technique taught here takes time and effort, and the book is constantly reminding us that there are no shortcuts. If you are looking for secrets to instant orgasms for your lover, this is not the book for you. However, if you are looking into how to please your lover, this is covered.

quote about romeo's embrace

Romeo’s Embrace position: “Allow her to lie on her back and lift her leg over your shoulder. You’ll both position your groins at 90-degrees and enter her.”

2) The Venus Pleasure Sequence: Fun Sex Without Acrobatics

This book offers us pleasantly clear and very straightforward information on how to have sex in ways that might be new to us. It gives some interesting variations on things like doggy style and missionary, and the instructions and illustrations are great references. This manual is mostly for beginners and people who like to be thorough, so keep that in mind as you browse.

One thing that I do like about The Venus Pleasure Sequence is that it emphasizes that creative sex doesn’t have to break your bones. We’ve all seen position guides that require you to be double-jointed and have no body fat, and that’s not what The Venus Pleasure Sequence is about at all.

The big problem is that some of this information looks familiar, and there are some repeated positions taken from his other books. It’s not a one-for-one copy, but if you have read his other manuals, that cheerful couple showing us the moves are definitely showing us things we’ve seen before. On one hand, sure, there is a limit to what you can do with two bodies. On the other hand, come on, we’re paying for new information!

Place a pillow underneath her back to penetrate her more deeply and increase her pleasure. By shifting the angle of thrust, you can also dramatically enhance her sensation.

-from The Venus Pleasure Sequence

quote about sex positions

Give her a toe-curling orgasm: “Allow your lady to lie on her back (preferably with a pillow underneath her lower back). As she curls her legs…”

3) The Deep Impact Pleasure Sequence: Getting to the Core of the Matter

This is another book of different positions in which you can have sex, and with no repeated information and more challenging variations, it ends up being more interesting than The Venus Pleasure Sequence.

Of the shorter books in this set, this one is probably my favorite. The positions take a little time and effort, but my girlfriend and I are relatively average and still managed to sample a few without any problems at all.

As the title implies, these positions are all designed for deep thrusting, and it’s worth asking your significant other if they are into that before you go to town. Some women do prefer more shallow thrusts, and if that’s the case, this book might not be the one you want to break out on date night.

However, if you both love things deep and slow, this is a great resource. Check out the Spanish Prisoner and the Knight Rider positions for sure. They take some effort, but they’re worth it. The only one that maybe gives me a pause is the Top Load, which looks like a position for pegging. Some guys are also just not going to be able to do the Top Load because of anatomy issues. No one wants a sprained penis from sex with their girlfriend!

Have a go at these positions and have fun. It can dramatically enhance your sexual pleasure… ensuring she orgasms quicker than normal, stronger than normal, and be happier than normal, well after it’s over!

-from The Deep Impact Pleasure Sequence

How long is long enough: “If you watch movies, especially those romantic ones, you’ll start believing that sex should last the entire day, or maybe even the entire weekend…”

4) Turbo-Charged! Dirty Little Secrets To Explosive Sex That Lasts Longer

This guide is refreshingly free of anything mystic or tantric, and instead it offers you no-nonsense information on how to prolong your sexual encounters. This eBook also gets points for noting that it’s fine to be quick sometimes; after all, quickies are a thing men and women can both enjoy.

Lester always advocates going with the flow, and this is one of the places where that viewpoint is really a good one. The tips he offers are basic but solid, and this 15-page book is a quick read that is an excellent inclusion to this collection.

At some point, every guy wonders if he lasts long enough, and if the honest answer to that question bothers you, this is a good book for you to check out. He goes on to remind us that finishing early isn’t the problem; what matters more is what you do about it and how happy your girlfriend or wife is at the end. Great advice overall!

The easiest “instant fix” to lasting longer is to focus on her – and let her finish first.

-from Turbo Charged!

5) Stallion In Heat! Secrets To Throbbing Hard, Sensational Erections Of Steel

Stallion in Heat is all about what to do with erectile dysfunction. This 15-page guide is centered around what to do if you have issues getting or staying hard.

I’ll be perfectly honest. While Stallion in Heat is not a bad book, I can’t really say it’s a great one. On one hand, it takes on a subject that most guys won’t touch with a twelve-foot pole. It talks about performance issues, and it is true that this is something that is definitely a problem for a ton of guys.

The tone is sympathetic, and it helps us realize that, yeah, it happens to everyone once in a while. These are all great things, and if you’ve ever wondered about it yourself and worried, this is a good place to start.

However, this is also taking on a pretty big topic in just 15 pages, and for the most part, there’s nothing being offered here that you can’t get on WebMD. I will point out that all of the information is right, but it’s just not that captivating. This book could have been longer, it could have been more informative, or it could have been replaced with another book on positions or something like that. Also, the title’s pretty dumb; if you’re having performance issues, the last thing you want to think about is stallions.

I was expecting something to make a normal erection feel bigger, not something for ED. If you got this book as part of a package, by all means flip through it. Just don’t expect too much from it.

You may just find that stronger and harder erections could also improve your confidence with women, both in and out of the bedroom – as well as your overall interaction and performance with them.

-from Stallion In Heat!

quote about mind and sex

Tip number 6: “A woman’s mind is the central repository of all her sexual emotions and energy. Thus your words and the way you touch her can be the gateway to turn her on…”

6) Sex She Will Go Wild For: 101 Ways to Burn Up the Bedroom

This is a good way to round out the series. This final book, coming in at a modest 28 pages, is essentially a list of tips for you to play with, and the place where this eBook wins is with sheer variety. People are very different, and with that in mind, there’s a little bit of everything in here.

You’re going to see some things repeated over and over again from previous books, but overall, that’s not a bad thing. Most men could use the reminder to slow down, and some of these tips are interesting enough to try as soon as you hear them. It’s admittedly true that some of these tips are pretty basic, but with 101 tips to choose from, you can afford to skip a few.

This one should be shared with your partner. Break it out, show her which ones appeal to you, and close your eyes and pick one to try. There’s something really playful about this one that makes it ideal for a couple’s night in.

Not to give too much away, but 53, 82, and 94 should probably be lucky numbers for all of us.

I will say that most of the hints are pretty vanilla. Skip this section if you are into hardcore bondage; ice cubes and blindfolds are about as kinky as it gets.

The key to sensational sex is to simply learn about your partner’s sexual landscape, understanding how her body works and making her melt with passion.

-from Sex She Will Go Wild For

The Audiobooks: Improving Your Listening Skills While Improving Your Sex Skills

All of the books listed above except for Sex She Will Go Wild For have an attached audiobook, and given that Sex She Will Go Wild For is an unadvertised bonus for this pack, that’s not a real issue.

When you push play on these audiobooks, you may feel a little disoriented. If you’re anything like me, when you start thinking about sex, you really don’t expect to hear a chipper, very excited man talk to you about your girlfriend’s orgasms. It startled me for a while, but soon enough, it starts to make sense.

These audiobooks aren’t meant to turn you on. Instead, they’re lessons, and they’re pretty good ones at that. The male voice that is speaking introduces himself as Lester at one point, and it really does work to make you focus on the information being offered. His voice is sharp enough that you’re not going to drift off, and it does make the whole thing feel more friendly.

The audiobooks are clear and high-quality, so if you want to discreetly pop them into your MP3 player when you take a run or you want something to listen to on your commute, they would do the trick.

description of the audio track

Track 2: This audio track will target awareness, physical stimulation and empowerment and a feeling of euphoria and confidence.

7) Sexual Confidence Escalator: Rewiring Your Brain Made Easy

The Sexual Confidence Escalator is set of three audio files that are designed to introduce your brain to brainwave entrainment. As the appended eBook explains, these audio files are meant to create a resonance in your brain that allows you to sync up with the messages that are being delivered to you. The eBook starts off with the science behind it, and then you are meant to listen to the three audio recordings.

You are meant to listen to them while you are very calm. Ideally, you will listen to them in succession, but the text allows for you to listen individually as well. The first audio recording includes verbal affirmations delivered by a female voice, and second and third present themselves as soothing music with distant ringing tones.

I seem to be one of those people who get some discomfort when I’m listening to these tracks. It starts off pleasantly, but as time went on, I started to get more and more uneasy. Finally, I had to step back from the recordings altogether.

I discovered that I could really only listen to them individually, and as the guide suggested, drinking water beforehand really did help. This sexual confidence entrainment seems to be pretty unisex, so I had my girlfriend listen too. She had a much better experience than I did. She had no bodily discomfort at all, and she said she wouldn’t mind continuing with them.

This one’s a tough one to judge. I’m not alone when it comes to having some bodily discomfort after listening to brainwave entrainment in general, and if you are someone who has vertigo issues you might want to give this program a pass. The guide also notes that it should likely not be used by epileptics, pregnant women, people on medication or people who are using alcohol.

However, I will say that the first track, the affirmations, is pretty good stuff. These are all things that we should likely hear over and over again, and the woman reading the lines is soothing. There’s nothing wrong with getting a confidence boost, and I will say that at the very least, this section is good for that.

This synchronization is a deep, significant principle that resonates everywhere and within everything, including your brain which has a tendency to change the flow of its brainwave frequencies when exposed to external stimuli such as aural or visual rhythms/beats.

-from Sexual Confidence Elevator

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Finishing It All Off

When you are looking for a lot of variety in your sexual instruction, Lloyd Lester’s Ignite Her Orgasm series is definitely one that you can go to. The real strength of this series is the amount of ground it covers, how clear it is and how well it does with the topics it decides to tackle. Look over the summaries that we offer up here and see how you feel about expanding your sexual education!

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