Revel Body REACH Review: The Lazy Girl’s Dream

Who would turn down the chance to product test a high quality Revel sex toy, save the mad? Well, not me. I’m all for product testing the sex toy market so you don’t waste your time and money. No need to thank me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

**Update early 2016**
Revel Body is sold out and no longer selling toys on their own website, and apparently they won’t be producing sex toys for the public anytime soon. Instead they have switched their focus on developing their unique technology for other purposes. If you still want to get your hands on SOL Sonic or REACH there’s a small amount of stock left on Amazon.

What Is the Revel Body REACH?

In short, the Revel Body REACH is an extension handle for the Revel Body SOL Sonic vibrator – that queen of clitoral vibrators.

holding the reach

holding the REACH

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity though, because the Revel Body REACH is a dual purpose toy. First off, it holds the Revel SOL in place so you can easily reach all the places you like best. Secondly, you are able to turn it around and use the handle as a G-spot stimulator.

For the fact fans out there the handle measures 8 inches overall, 5 of which are insertable, and it has 4 inches of girth. It’s made with silicone and plastic which is a good hygienic combination. They are both non-porous and wash up well.

I had a fabulous evening in with my better half without any sprains from bad design, or frustrations because the toy wasn’t hitting the spot.

Spot-On Packaging

The REACH arrived with SOL Sonic vibrator in a plain brown box measuring 10 x 8 x 6.5 inches. Your postman will never know what naughtiness you have ordered, because there is no advertising to be seen. If your elderly neighbour takes in the parcel, she’ll still speak to you afterwards.

Now, this bit isn’t Revels’s fault, but I’m based in England and because my SOL came from the States there was a customs label. The customs declaration reads:

‘Personal Massager and Revel Body REACH (grey)’

OK, it’s not much of a giveaway – it doesn’t say ‘Rude Sex Toy Inside’ but if you want total secrecy this may be a problem for you. That said, if you live outside the States it’s going happen with any sex toy order that is sent to you from the USA.

Inside the REACH is well-packed with study card walls and moulded fittings, so there are no breakages. Bearing in mind this shipped from the States to the UK I was impressed that the package didn’t have a hair out of place inside.

First Impressions

After I opened the plain brown box I discovered the contents were swathed in quality orange tissue paper. I’m not an interior decorator, but I know someone has put in effort to make the packaging look good. This only happens with quality goods. I was impressed, it was obvious there was something worthwhile in the wrapping.

When you slide the REACH out of the box you immediately want to pick it up and touch the handle. It feels nice in your hand. The size is just right for a woman’s palm, Revel have certainly done their research. It’s also satisfyingly heavy and robust.

revel body reach measurements

measurements for the fact fans

I like the colour a lot. Perfectionists will appreciate that the tone matches well with the SOL vibrator. The REACH also comes in pink, but this one is unisex, not girly, but a reliable trustworthy steel grey with fresh white handle.

Fitting the SOL

Because the window cleaner was due I couldn’t jump straight into a massive vibration-fest, so instead I played around with getting the SOL into the REACH’s grasp. It’s pretty easy. It feels a bit like you might snap the plastic to start with, but it’s tough and flexible. The SOL fits snugly. It doesn’t roll around or shift out of position.

Muscle Massage

First off I used the SOL plus REACH as a muscle massager – how restrained you say! Well yes, I like a bit of suspense and my shoulders were killing me.

After using the REACH my stiff shoulders eased out. Because the Revel Body REACH measures 8 inches I was able to reach across and under my shoulder blades with ease. That kind of massage can’t be done with the SOL on its own. I could massage from above my shoulder and underneath which was amazing. A bit like when you scratch a dog in the right spot, I was literally paralyzed with pleasure.

side of reach box

side view of the REACH box

My previously broken and arthritic wrist felt pleasantly OK despite all the movement (it was a sports injury! I did not fall over after too many Bacardi Breezes). This was only possible because when you move the REACH a little, it moves the SOL a lot, and that’s easier than independently twisting and turning the SOL.

The SOL is about having a great time, relaxing and feeling good. That’s not going to happen if your hands and arms ache. The REACH is real winner for body massage. I’d say it was indispensable.

Handle Mode – Extend Your Reach

They say it’s not the size that matters, but in this case the size it’s important. The length of the REACH is pretty much spot on for me. I didn’t have to straighten my arm to reach down, there was no stretching involved. I’m a lazy girl at heart so I appreciated the lack of effort I had to put in.

Does The REACH Ruin the Vibrations?

The six settings on the SOL sonic vibrator are not impeded by the REACH; they still work just as well, which was my main concern. The attachments are also in the clear. Using the REACH doesn’t affect the SOL’s performance at all, it simply adds to its already impressive repertoire.

I was also concerned that the SOL might fall out if any pressure was placed on it, but this wasn’t the case. Once in that SOL isn’t coming out unless you grab the sides and yank it out.

The handle has a light curve on it (to hit the G spot – more later) which makes it easy to position and hold on to, even with lube up to your wrists.

Vibration Mode – REACH as a dildo

The size of the handle/dildo is a perfect internal fit. It’s a satisfying length and width and not at all intimidating. The shaped head is bulbous and curved to reach the G-spot – which it does very quickly and with expert precision. I can’t fault the REACH for its measurements and dimensions.

There are six settings to choose from and play around with on the SOL. You can read about them in the SOL Sonic Vibrator review but using the REACH as a vibrating dildo alters their sensations. Here are my findings when using the SOL and REACH together as a dildo.

Setting 1

For a warm-up setting it’s not bad – quite slow and rhythmic light tapping, like the intro to a great song. It’s not going to get you anywhere with an orgasm though, you have to concentrate to feel it.

Setting 2

This setting was a bit rough for a sensitive creature like me, but when the REACH is added you can hardly feel it. A little more sensation than Setting 1.

Setting 3

This is the setting recommend by Revel when using the REACH in vibration mode. OK, it’s not as forceful as some vibrators, but I liked it, it tickles your G-spot to perfection.

Setting 4

This is the first of the Om settings. You can’t feel much internally though.

Setting 5

The second Om setting, but there’s still not much going on internally. The noise is distracting when you aren’t feeling much.

Setting 6

This is the highest OM setting. It’s too intense for me when using just the SOL, but with the REACH it’s barely there.

The best setting for the dildo mode is Setting 3. This is the most intense and powerful, and pretty much the only one that delivers any vibration to your G spot. It doesn’t matter that there is only one G spot stimulator setting though, because it’s good. Not rough, plenty of tickle. I’d rather one good one than 6 mediocre ones.

The Best. Bath. Ever?

OK, I admit I was too frightened to get in the bath with the SOL and REACH straight away. I was a bit concerned that I might be electrocuted. I held the SOL underwater with the REACH for a bit until I was satisfied that I wasn’t going to be killed.

revel reach bath mode

bath mode – don’t slip!

The REACH makes the SOL’s suction mode much easier to manipulate. When you’re just using the SOL it’s difficult to hold in place. The water makes it slippery, and you slide down the bath trying to reach the best bits.

I found that without the REACH the constant fidgeting to get the suction in place is thoroughly annoying and distracting. Really not what Revel are aiming for with their Om vibrations. When I used the REACH it was a much more civilized affair. Everything stayed under water and worked well.

Remember that you’ll need to take the SOL out and turn it around for the suction fun. You need to have the handle curving towards you; otherwise it becomes tricky to manoeuvre.

Revel Body Reach Review Conclusions

Nice idea, Revel. The REACH is a very thoughtful addition that increases the fun of a SOL Sonic Vibrator no end. The impression I get from the Revel is that they intent on making sex toys comfortable, with the female anatomy fixed firmly in mind.

You don’t need to be a yoga master in order to reach your favourite parts anymore. You simply pop it in the Reach and away you go. All the best ideas are simple ones.

This toy is a quality build; there is nothing cheap about it. The dildo handle is firm and smooth with no give, and the cup is satisfyingly strong. You’re not going to break it in a hurry.

What I like most is that it doubles the functions on the SOL. Whereas before it was simply a clitoral vibrator, albeit a very good one, the REACH transforms it into a vibrating dildo. Bearing in mind the cost is minimal I think that’s an excellent deal.

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