Tantus Adam 02 Review: Why God Invented Silicone

Continuing my journey of product testing sex toys for our gorgeous readers, I received the Tantus Adam 02 realistic dildo this week. Holy Moly! What a delivery that was.

Adam 02 in his original packaging

Here is my review. It took a while because I gave the Adam 02 a long-lasting and thorough test. Exams into the Secret Service are no tougher than the inquisitorial I put Adam through. I’m pleased to say he came through with flying colours. And so did I, many times.

What Is The Tantus Adam 02?

Magnificent is what the Adam 02 is. A magnificent real-feel dildo made by Tantus. Thank you, Tantus.

Adam measures 1.5 inches in diameter and 7 inches in length. Being a real-feel type he is penis-shaped and detailed, but it’s not over the top. Everything looks, well, real…apart from maybe the size.

the perfect size

Adam is made from ‘100% Ultra Premium silicone’. According to Tantus’ website it’s their own secret recipe. I like to imagine this is handed down through generations from mother to daughter Tantus empire owners, but I suspect it all took place in the lab.

Tantus also brag that Adam 02 is hypo-allergenic, which is good news for a sensitive creature like me, who is allergic to a lot of manufactured material.

So, let’s jump in.

A Yawn-Inducing Delivery Box

Adam 02 arrived in a plain brown box. It’s a boring box that’s secure and well-stuffed. A bit like you will be if you decide to purchase this dildo.

Because I live in England and the box was shipped from the U.S. there’s a custom declaration sticker on top, saying: massage accessories. Stealthy enough.

I had two Tantus products arrive in this package (I know! Don’t be jealous) so the box may be bigger that if you bought just one toy. The tape is sturdy, and it required a blade to cut it open.

Stealthy Delivery Box

There was nothing to alarm the Post Office or indicate to my other half that I had just taken delivery of a massive realistic dildo.

Opening The Box

Fanfare please! On opening the boring box my eyes nearly burned to ash and blew away in the breeze. I wanted to say ‘Crikey’ like the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins, but I played it cool.

I knew the dildo was big but I was surprised at the sheer size of it. OK, ok, dildo size queens must be laughing here, because there are bigger dildos on the market. Still I was a bit shocked, but in a good way.

The box was packed well with plenty of tough brown paper for cushioning. Adam arrived with another Tantus toy, and neither was damaged despite travelling from the States to England.

In My Hands

I love the colour. I received the cocoa version which is the middle choice between cream and black. Adam looks very realistic and promises a good time simply because he looks like the real thing. There are some veiny markings to give it that realistic look and feel. The head is perfectly shaped just like a penis from an anatomy book.

7 inches of heaven

Adam feels bendable but sturdy thanks to his Dual Density build, which Tantus pitch as ‘A Super Soft™ outside and a hard muscle core’. I can well believe it, as you can certainly feel the softness and the strength.

Overall it feels good. It feels like quality. It’s quite weighty and makes a nice ‘thunk’ sound when you slap it on your hand, just like a Volkswagen door closing shut.

I like that it’s traditionally shaped too. Weird-shaped high-tech dildos and vibrators make me giggle and don’t really get me in the mood.

On opening Adam 02 the plastic smell is a bit weird, but it disappears after a quick wash. So let’s get on with the road test!

Woo! On the Job

Lube in place and we’re off.

Adam is a sizable dildo. He may look realistic, but his size is certainly bigger than the standard gent. He’s pleasantly firm but not scratchy, hard, or so inflexible it hurts. He will bend to suit you, but not too much.

I like that he’s silky smooth all over. Even with all seven inches there was no discomfort at all. Harder plastic dildos can feel uncomfortable, especially at the cervix, but Adam is a true gentleman.

I didn’t test Adam with a harness, but he is made harness compatible. The lip is sizable and sturdy. I tried pulling it off and shaking the lip, but it didn’t break or come apart at all. It doesn’t appear to me that you’ll have problems with it breaking in a harness.

Hello! G-Spot Calling

Adam is curved for G-spot play. Specific G-spot stimulators often have a pin-point head to hit the spot, but Adam has a thick, rounded head. This means that although he doesn’t hit the nail exactly on the head, he stimulates it in a roundabout way. It’s good – it doesn’t feel so much like a rush of intensity, but rather a gradual build up, just like the real thing.

the G Spot Curve

Temperature Play

Adam feels a bit chilly straight out of the box. I don’t like cold on my lady parts, so I conducted some unscientific experiments with heat.

Experiment 1 – Hot tap water. I immersed Adam in hot tap water for 30 seconds. He felt pleasantly warm and remained warm for the duration of his examination.

Experiment 2 – Boiling water. I felt a bit bad about putting a very realistic looking penis into boiling hot water, but Tantus say he’s boilable, so in he went. This made Adam very hot. He was boiling for the first few minutes, but after that he was toasty warm. Spot on for me in fact.

Experiment 3 – I put Adam in cold tap water for 30 seconds and he was bloody freezing! OK, I’m not a fan of the cold, but folk who like it chilly will be pleased to know that Adam ‘on the rocks’ is like having sex with a snowman. Any fantasies you have about Frosty can be truly played out. He was stone cold after 30 seconds of icy water.

Experiment 4 – In the freezer. I put Adam in the freezer for 2 minutes. When I went back for him I mistakenly took out a frozen sausage instead because the temperature was roughly similar. Needless to say I didn’t put Freezing Adam on my lady parts, but he was cold enough to make my hands ache.

P.s. If you aren’t feeling inspired and need ideas about what to do with Adam, check our quick guide: “how to use a dildo: the secret guide your dad hopes you’ll never read”.

Clean Up

The Adam 02 is easy to clean. We know he’s boilable, so sterilising is easy. (Boilable…I bet that’s a great Scrabble score).

Adam O2 can be simply cleaned with soap and water too. There are no parts to take off and clean independently, and there are no irritating notches that require an old toothbrush and cotton bud.

After several sessions I put the Adam in my dishwasher, as the packaging says you can. I was a bit nervous that he might be destroyed or ruined but in the morning there he was, perfectly clean and looking like a brand new toy.

The packaging says you can use bleach to clean him too, but I didn’t try that. I didn’t fancy transferring any traces onto myself.

Bath Time!

Shove over rubber ducky, there’s new inanimate object in town. Please meet my second husband Adam 02.

What I love about having Adam in the bath is that there are no electrocution worries. Fears of sex toy electrocution plague me. What a way to be found! Think of the coroner’s report.

Adams 02 realistic detail

There were no worries with Adam, and I found that he is not slippery to hold in water. I don’t know why, but there you go. I’m not going to worry about the science. The harness lip makes him easy to hold, and clean up is a cinch if you are already in hot water.

Tantus’ Adam 02 Cons

I love this dildo. It’s a keeper. The only aspect that’s going to bug me is the lack of suction base. I guess this is so he can be harness compatible, but sometimes when you’re having solo fun, lying on your back gets boring. It’s not easy to ride Adam; the harness lip is not big enough to grip with your knees.

the harness compatible base

I’m scraping the barrel for cons, but I guess if you want more, then Adam is chilly straight out of the bedside drawer. He takes a while to warm in your hands. When you have insomnia and want a quick orgasm to send you to sleep, you don’t want to run the hot water – it might wake someone up and ruin your plans.

I think the biggest con is that he can’t propose or make a cup of tea. Other than that Adam 02 is the perfect boyfriend.

Tantus Adam 02 Review Conclusions

I’m impressed by the Tantus Adam 02 dildo. It’s a well thought out and well-designed dildo.

The measurements are big enough without being scary, and filling enough without crippling you for days afterwards. I liked the G-spot curve too, but some may prefer more stimulation.

If you are looking for a realistic dildo without any fancy vibrating bits or extra stimulating parts, then this is likely to suit you. I get the impression that if you were to look after this dildo it would last a lifetime. I hope my Adam will still be with me when I’m retired.

This is a top drawer dildo for those who appreciate quality.

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