18 Best Rabbit Vibrators – Knee Melting Sex Toys

vanity rabbit vibrator

Technology can be fascinating, complicated, and terrifying, to be honest. Every once in a while though, modern ingenuity steps up for the betterment of all humanity. I’m not talking solar panels or … [Continue reading]

21 Best BDSM Toys And Bondage Gear – Not For The Faint Hearted

fetish fantasy masquerade mask ball gag

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Intimate Melody Lana 3 in 1 Review: Vibrate Your Socks Off

intimate melody lana in water

I’ve been a bit poorly of late, so I was hugely cheered up when the Intimate Melody Lana 3 in 1 turned up on my doorstep. Being bed-bound and sick of reading it was literally a gift from the … [Continue reading]

Intimate Melody 3 in 1 Lava Review: Hot or Not?

unboxing the 3 in 1 lava

I’m in possession of a brand spanking new Intimate Melody 3 in 1 Lava vibrator to review! Don’t be jealous, I do this for you lovely readers. I hadn’t used an Intimate Melody product before, so … [Continue reading]

G Balls 2 App Review: Crack Nuts With Your Pelvic Floor

gballs2 magic kegel personal trainer

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Tantus Vibrating Progressive Beads Review: A Masterclass In Anal Awesome

tantus vibrating progressive beads

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Tantus Adam 02 Review: Why God Invented Silicone

the perfect size

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Nasstoys Remote Control Power Bullet Review – Yes Baby!

nasstoys power bullet

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Revel Body REACH Review: The Lazy Girl’s Dream

revel body reach measurements

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X4 Labs Penis Extender Review: No Bs Comfort And Grip

x4 labs penis extender side view

Wooooah you guys! I’m finally back with another epic penis extender review. This time the lucky device is the X4 Labs. Definitely a cool name, some creativity is always nice… but let’s stop … [Continue reading]