BSwish’s BNaughty Deluxe Review: Classy Bullet With a Fantastic Design

bswish bnaughty bullet

Last time, we reviewed BSwish's BMine Classic, a traditional battery-operated bullet vibe. This time, we're taking things to the next level with a battery-operated corded bullet vibe. BSwish offers … [Continue reading]

Bswish BMine Classic Review: Simple, Small and Fun

bswish bmine vibrator

Some people say that it doesn't get much more basic than bullet vibrator. The truth is that even with such a simple and straightforward design, there's tons of room for good and bad choices. … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight Blade Review: Suction Power in Your Palm

Fleshlight Blade Sleeve

Bored? Horny? Is Fleshlight Blade right for you? Sometimes you just need sexual pleasure on command: No strings attached, no mothers in law, just pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation. Fleshlight … [Continue reading]

G-Vibe Review: Innovative Shape Brings Exquisite Sensation

g-vibe side view

Luxury toys are great. One of the things that makes them so awesome is the fact that the companies that produce them think outside the box! When I first saw the G-Vibe vibrator from Fun Toys, I … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight Shower Mount Review: Hand-Free Masturbation (Finally!)

fleshlight shower mount masturbator

With the Fleshlight Shower Mount every man’s masturbation dream is now a reality: Hand-free masturbation… and in the shower too. Fleshlight Shower Mount is like a sexy chick waiting for you in … [Continue reading]