Vimax Extender Review – Don’t Buy this Penis Extender Unless…

should you buy the vimax extender

 Update: We no longer recommend this penis extender. The company disappeared and it became unresponsive. Do NOT buy this. I will keep the review below, just for memory. Read this instead for a list of the best penis extenders right now. Full … [Continue reading]

Best Penis Extender: The World’s Top 6 Size Enhancers

phallosan forte

Discover the best penis extenders on the market and find out which of these male enhancement devices is best for you. Looking for a bigger penis? Wanna impress your girl with a huge meaty baseball bat? Great, you’re in the right place … [Continue reading]

Fleshlight Review (2023) – Top 10 Best Fleshlights To Buy

fleshlight orgy

I am the first sex toy expert to ever review Fleshlights. I tested my first Fleshlight (it was a Fleshlight ICE) over 10 years ago and I have tested over 50 Fleshlights over the years (including now defunct models like the V-Stroker, Blade, Sex in a … [Continue reading]

Why Controlling Premature Ejaculation is Wrong. Do THIS instead.

control premature ejaculation

I often help people on men's health forums using different and creative nicknames. One of the most popular questions people ask is how to control premature ejaculation. As someone used to say, the quality of the answer you get depends on the quality … [Continue reading]

The 4 Essential Keys to Stop Premature Ejaculation

stop premature ejaculation

I've spent a fortune trying to stop premature ejaculation, buying all sort of rubbish, only to discover that natural, exercise based cures are actually the best. They are healthier and yield better results. In my articles and books I've personally … [Continue reading]

What is Premature Ejaculation? Confusion VS Facts

premature ejaculation couple

Premature ejaculation, a mysterious term immersed in a cloud of confusion and difficult words. Human beings are known to be masters at making life difficult for themselves, and their mastery really reached its most marvelous peak when they tried … [Continue reading]

Motivational Thoughts to Last Longer in Bed

“How do I last longer in bed?” is the question you need to answer, never “can I last longer?” The ability to confidently direct your body during sex even when she’s screaming in orgasmic pleasure under your hard thrusts is called control. Sex … [Continue reading]

Edging: How to Perfectly Execute It


Premature ejaculation can be cured - naturally. Forget about sprays and numbing creams, practice Edging, and take charge of your life. There are three main reasons why you want to start Edging. First of all, Edging will make you aware of … [Continue reading]

The Foundations of Ejaculatory Control (Answer to a Reader)

A few days ago I received an email from a reader - let’s call him Mike - which asked for a piece of advice about his premature ejaculation. Mike gave me permission to publish his email in order to help the smart community at to get … [Continue reading]

Premature Ejaculation – You Gotta Fight It Baby!

I wished I were born with the conscious ability to control my ejaculation. But I was not. And if this surprises you, no one was. Some men are lucky enough to quickly get the hang of the “situation” in their first sexual encounters and naturally … [Continue reading]